Ettore Aquaclean by Gardiner vs Simpole vs Super-Light Xtreme

I am finally in the market for a new wfp. I have used a Tucker pole for way too long! With all of the advances in wfp’s over the last 10 years, I am looking for current opinions on the best wfp’s available. Most of the threads I have read through were discussing previous models.

The 3 poles I am most interested in are:

Ettore Aqua Clean Carbon Fiber Pole made by gardiner (45’, 55’, 65’)
Simpole Adjustable Modular Pole 60’
Gardiner super-lite extreme 48’

I am leaning towards getting the Ettore Aqua Clean (made by gardiner), as it appears to be the least expensive. My current Tucker pole is 45’, but I am debating on going higher. I’m not sure how easy it is to go higher with these new fancier poles.

Is the simpole still much more durable than the new gardiner poles??

Any of your opinions would be welcomed and very helpful!

I have heard that simpole is difficult to use fully extended, I’ve also heard people that love simpole. I would get as much pole as you can afford. Most people under spend on equipment.

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The Simpole is easy to use for me. It has transverse style clamps. Of course if you are short I can see where the 6ft sections would make it a little more difficult to adjust.

Love my AquaClean.

I would have to say Gardiner is a top of the line pole imo. I have the 50’ sim and when it’s time for a new one I will probably go with a Gardiner pole.

Is there something you don’t like about the simpole? Or features on the gardiner that the simpole lacks?


Ryan, the Simpole now comes in a design that is 48ft telescopic and then you can add modular sections to go to 72ft. It’s not shown in the store but I think I have pics of it. It’s called the Sim999 (9sections, 9 clamps, and 9lbs)

I like gardiner poles.

Hey Tony, what’s “Brownian” mean?

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Mostly the weight of it is really my biggest facter, compared to the super-lite it is night and day. If you have an employee that will be using your pole the sim pole would be your best bet, because nobody will take care of your poles like you will.

I’m 6 foot three and the Simpole was still a pain to use, I returned it but some people rave about

I hear ya on that one. I let my people use my Gardiner’s. That’s what I got them for, so they can work faster and be proud of the equipment they are using. You are right though, I’ve been thru that too where the guys will just beat the snot out of your stuff.

I did find a way to keep those incidents down though. Check it out;
-Start the new guys and everyone new to wfp on the Tucker or an old beater pure fiberglass beast of a pole for a week straight, all day long.
-Every day, they get schooled.
-THEN graduate them to the Gardiner’s.

Then they WILL appreciate what they have, and be proud to be using the best equipment. Of course, the same holds true for ANY top of the line wfp, Gardiner just happens to be my preference.

Back to the subject;
You also need to look at how rigid the pole is as well. That is a HUGE factor that can’t be overlooked. Imagine if your Tucker pole didn’t wobble like a noodle, EVER. If you had to count the seconds it took off the clock every time it started to wobble to the time it stopped, at the end of the job how much time to you think could have been shaved off? How much more energy at the end of the job would you or your men have?

Ettore and Gardiner are hugely respected names in the field.

Go with that.

I don’t think being “hugely respected” is everything.

However, I have had a great experience with my 30’ Gardiner SLX. In my opinion, there is nothing like a Gardiner.