Ettore Clipless Handle Kit

Anyone ever add the backplate with teeth to their Ettore handle?

I have Ettore and Moerman channels, and I’d like to be able to use both in the same handle. Plus changing the rubbers in my Ettore channels would be easier if the clips were not needed.

Worth looking into but another thing to consider is the actual shape of the channel. Will those teeth actually grab the rubber or just rest against the channel?

Look at your Moerman channel, you’ll see that the face of it is shorter than Ettore channels.

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I see what you mean there. Hopefully someone has already tried it and can chime in as to whether or not it works.

That’s what I think, too. Just didn’t want to waste the time if someone already went down that path and determined it didn’t work.

You can bend that metal tab in the back either way to create more or less pressure on the rubber. Been doing it with Unger channel until I tried an ettore clip in the channel.

I tried them but didn’t like them. Can’t remember why, but I do tend to move my channel around as needed so maybe that was it.

But yeah, you can crimp the ends and it’ll hold the rubber, but it’s sometimes harder to replace. So I end back to the clips.

Oh, I did learn something: if you’re having issues with a clip, replace the freckin thing. New clips make a BIG difference. I just never bothered, but now I’m all about swapping out the clips every month or 2.

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I’ve got a little baggie of ettore clips and sorbo clips. I learned on here that you only need one in a channel to hold the rubber that way, by default it won’t ripple or stretch.


My main reason is to be able to use both my Ettore and Liquidator channels in my Ettore handle - it just feels so much more solid compared to the Moerman swivel handle. I see a lot of people use the Unger handles with thier Liquidators, but I’d prefer to standardize to one handle if possible. Figure it will cost me a buck or two to find out.

I use my liquidator channels with the plain old stainless ettore handles. The rubber just has a ‘friction-fit’ with the end clips (I used boiling water to soften the plastic and crimped them tighter). Putting my channels and fresh rubber in my wash bucket makes fitting the new rubber easier.

You can use only one clip. Frickin Duh… I’m trying this first thing in the morning. I’ve always used ettore but one of the things that bugs me most is that the side of my squegee that faces down in my BOAB always gets the clip knocked into my channel so that it doesn’t hold the rubber at the right place. I don’t use the brass channels any more but I still have a few I cut down and it seems to me like I only have this issue with the stainless steel channels. I have no experience with the aluminum channels other than the wide bodied super channels which don’t have this problem.