Ettore electric DI/RO

My buddy said he’s getting a new Ettore electric DI/RO machine. Anyone heard about it of have experience with it?

There are a few distributors that carry electric R/O D.I. i believe Jugg got one from another supplier.

Nevertheless…getting into pure water is a win win situation although i feel as though shopping and asking questions prior too is the key to find the unit that fits your needs.

Thats why Shawn @ reach higher ground is so cool to talk to he gives you the straight up about it and doesn’t try to sell you just anything.Im sure the other pure water salesmen are similar in tactics too!

Personally speaking having dealt with pure water cleaning now for well over 10 years im the kind of guy who would much rather pull hose that lug around a unit but…then again thats me! Different stokes for different folks;)

Are you able to expand on that and explain why so that go4dabukz understands the pros and cons of pulling hose v. using a mobile cart?

[B]Carts vs Pulling Hose[/B]

Basically its the hassle factor with carts/units the setting up and moving (even more so on larger gigs.(unless you have ample hose) which most only come with anywhere from 150 to 200’

My set-up i have 300’ of hose mounted on reels very seldom do i have to move the truck & relocate because of the (lack of hose issue) Plus…its a whole lot easier bringing the hose & pole to the job instead of the unit.

Like i said its personal preference one i’ve grown accustom too!

Bottom line is…getting into pure water cleaning is a smart move for anyone so…whatever method your employing isn’t a bad thing.

do you bring your own water, or do you run hose to your van and then pull hose from your van?

Bringing your own water would be considered a “Static System” i myself with my particular set-up i have to rely on a hose bib connection or quick coupler (irrigation spigot)

I will say most who do have a van or truck (if its not a cart or trolley) who be pulling hose.

Electric carts static systems are good but…you have to rely on a power source ie:pump for static and either a electrical outlet or generator for a electric cart.

i was looking at the Ettore system and it was my 1st choice. But then I bought the systems that Don (Ionic. Inc) because of price and I had heard great things about Ionic. I had some issues with my system but they seem to have worked out. My motor was overheating. Once again that issue seems to have gone away, but I will give a 100% yes on that when the summer comes. Easy for a system to stay cool in the fall and winter lol. As far as hoses and so forth. I did not want anything attached to my truck. As we sit, I have 3 items that need to come out of the trailer when using the system.

  1. Generator
  2. WFP RO/DI System
  3. Hoses

My hoses are on reels that I mounted to a hand truck. I have two sets of 150 ft, mounted back to back. The system works really nice and is easy to move around. Most of the stuff stays in one area (near the water source) and the hoses are completed pulled out to complete the job. I was always worried that I would not have an area that I would be abel to get my truck next to or just be too short to attach a water source. You are supposed to be able to plug these systems directly into a customers home or job site for power. I had done that and had issues there also. I bought a generator 5000w from the depot for $400. All it took was for one of my customers to call me the next morning and tell me they had a problem in their home with power. Can’t say 100% for sure it was my system that caused breakers to trip but figured at this point that is something I am not willing to risk. Now I just hook it to the gen and all is good. Customers can’t say my machine messed up anything on their homes. The other thing you might want to do is get a pressure gauge that can attach to the spicket. A few of my first houses were out in the boonies. Even though they were million dollar homes, their homes did not have the required PSI (40 or more) coming from the spicket to feed the system. I don’t know 100% of that was the issue but after my recent debugging it’s what I have to think. I had taken my guage to a few homes and was shocked that they have low PSI. Either way, just to give you an idea how good it is to have one of these machines.
Cost me roughly $4500, used it about 7 times already. One job was $2200 so I’m pretty sure with in the 1st few months this coming season the system will be paid off. I could never have done the $2200 job with out it.

commercial or monster residential?

Commercial. But I have a few res jobs that are that big also. But I did not have the machine when I completed those homes. I’m looking forward to those jobs cause I will not need to have 2 guys on site for those houses. When I did them I would have a guy with me just to hold the ladder while I went up. The other was doing the inside. But with my luck, I’ll get on site and those houses will have 20 PSI lol.