Ettore Master Brass

Ettore master brass mod to fit Moerman excelerator

The Moerman excelerator is designed for clipless channels so the Ettore master brass does not fit the excelerator. If you use a clip channel in the Moerman excelerator it will stretch the handle out leaving it useless with clipless channels. The liquidator and other channels that do work with the excelerator will have a loose fit and the handle will not grab the rubber so that the rubber will just fall out of the channel.

Mark center of channel then mark location where the other two teeth of the excelerator sit on the channel.

Using a drill; drill 1/8” hole and work up to 1/4. By time you drill the 1/4” hole the drill bit will break out the edge of the channel. Continue drilling as if you were making an oversize hole. This is to get most the burs off. Use a needle file or screw drive tip to knock off remaining burrs. Use sand paper to finish off any sharp edges. This part of the channel will never touch the glass so no worries. The brass is soft compared to stainless steel, so this mod is easy to do with low quality drill bits.

The finished product allows the teeth on the excelerator to rest on the rubber as they were designed. This will prevent the handle from stretching out if you were to use another channel such as the liquidator on another job. This also means the rubber in the Ettore master brass will be even more secure in the channel.

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