Ettore Poles Shot?

You guys having any problems with Ettore poles not staying in place. I tighten the pole as tight as possible and it still moves when I’m working with it. I keep thinking the plastic inside the unit is shot but I’m not sure if it’s just the brand of pole. Either way it drives me up the WALL… What’s up Ettore?

I don’t have the exact problem as you. In fact mine has seized up to where I had to use pliers to get it unstuck. My biggest issue is that all of the plastic couplers at the top of each section have come unglued. I just twist the metal now for locking and unlocking. But I do agree, what’s up Ettore?


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They did change the clamp in recent years. I have an old one probably 10+ years old that still works great but the newer clamps don’t seem to be up to par. Between them and how easily Mike Ungers tend to bend and seize up, I have been thinking about this guy. A bit pricey but from what I have read review wise it’s a beast

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Ha, I still get a kick out of it, when people do that…

“BigBob’s post has been brought to you by… Skinny Pete.”

Yeah, it frustrates me because the cheapo poles from lowes don’t require some jb weld on the clamp shroud. But I haven’t had any problems with them staying locked. I’ve been using one for over a year and it’s still going strong.

I had the same issues with the unger poles and I’ve gotten to quite like the little ettore button to hold my tools on. I thought it slowed me down, but after practicing it, I’m just as fast as ever but don’t have to worry about tools getting wedged on.

My my 12’ route pole is only like 4’ collapsed. I really like that.

Yeah, so that said, what’s the best pole? I’m having the same problamo. Some tools get stuck and the pole doesn’t want to stay in place. It sucks really bad. I work around it but I’m tired of that. I’m definitely always willing to try so thing new. If it makes my day easier, I’m all ears…

This is very much a “to each their own” situation…

I have a garelick that I bought in 2008 that I use on a daily basis.
But I know some people hate on them, here.
[shrugs] :confused:

Yeah cool D I’ll consider it. I don’t care what people think I need what works. If it works for you with no problems I’m interested…

It annoys the F**k out of me.

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I am having problems with my Unger 3 section pole slipping. But, it is 15 years old…

Yeah every Ettore pole I have doesn’t hold it’s position. It makes me want to switch all together… It sucks too because I’m an Ettore fan. Whatever though if it doesn’t work I need to move on…

Yet, [I]you’re the inconsiderate asshole[/I], for saying “F**K.” ??:confused:

No I’m just an asshole, I don’t thing it has anything to do with my potty mouth.

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I’m thinking of a Dennis Leary song…

His best bit, it made his career. He stole it from a 19 year Louis CK.
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You can get replacement pieces at WCR.

Trust me I am a WCR guy all the way, but they don’t sell that pole.
If they did I would’ve sent a link to a page where you could buy it from WCR. I’m not trying to promote Jracenstein, but the comment was about the product. We run businesses, we use the tools we do because we need them to be successful. If WCR stopped selling one of your favorite tools does that mean you would switch tools to an inferior one just to remain loyal? Or would you get the tool you need where you to get it?

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Hey [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION] I see you have a Sorbo poles category in the store is there a chance you guys will be carrying that pole?

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It’s been there for a while. When I asked Alex’s response was “not at this time”. So hopefully soon then.

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My ettore reach 12’ slipped the day I bought it, even with the clamps slightly tight to max tight. The top section would fall under the weight of pushing an 18" scrubber up the glass. So it was really only an 8’ pole. Been using a14’ Unger nLite aluminum with a reach around acme tip holding a black plastic tip. This thing rocks! Never slips no matter how hard I turn a large Wagtail. You can slide out sections if you want a lighter shorter pole. The rubber end cap is awesome when doing storefront insides, never slides and falls. It’s compact length is perfect and extended having a 14’ is really nice. I’ll never use a traditional pole for traditional work again.

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