Ettore Squeegee Off and GG4?

Hello WCR. Not to start a soap war, but I recently started using GG4 and I love it. But…as I was mixing my solution the other day on a job, it hit me that it has a unique odor that reminded me of something I had used when I first started my business. Ettore squeegee off has the same odor and similar color and viscosity. I am sure this is not the first post about this.
Does anyone else have a comment about this?
Just an observation , love the forum.
Thank fellow window cleaners.

ETTORESuperConcentrateSqueegeeOff.pdf (46.3 KB)

What’s your point of the links @TheWindowCleanse

They both work pretty good.

I think @TheWindowCleanse is showing us the ingredients and they do have similar composition. @Henry could translate it for us simple minded humans.

Interesting GG4 is harmful to rabbits and fish. So probably not a good idea of pouring it down the storm drains that have pictures of fish on it.

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Duh!! :grin:

Right… and make sure that the solution doesn’t get into the customers koi pond…
(What a way to ruin a good customer relationship!)