Ettore Super System defect

Has anyone else who uses the Ettore Super System noticed that the soft rubber coating on the handle flacks off after a few months use. It begins to peal off in your hand. The previous generation handles were a hard plastic and there was never an issue with them. I wonder if Chris L. at WC Resource has a corporate contact or rep at Ettore that he could reach out to regarding this ?

Yes, same thing is happening to my swivel t-bar

Same here!

Just pull it off. Or duct tape.

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Yeah mine did that after like a month of route work.

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Oh yea you can get this warrantied through Ettore - they are great like that. Ill chat with @Alex in a bit and get you the info to make this happen.

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Ettore made this change a few years back, maybe 2010. The old Super System were a lot like the Sorbo handles clunky hard plastic, the new ones use this soft rubber, I’d imagine this is not too common with a handle thats got some miles on it.

I’ll shoot you a pm.

Thanks for responding Chris. I probably wouldn’t hassle with a warranty since I have probably 40 of these between employees and self. But, more importantly wanted them to know what we are experiencing so they can make adjustments ( hopefully ) in future productions.

They know about it. This is an old topic. I just ignor it and carry on.


I have a few of those and the rubber melted from the Texas heat. Lol.

I can just say that I emailed Ettore and now they sending me a new handle.
Super customer service!


Ok, Thanks for all the responses. Maybe they will modify future productions
if they have enough feedback on this issue. I realize this very minor and
have always used and like the feel of the SS design. Its probably one of
those issue that is hard to detect or predict in the production and design.


Yeah, Ettore is awesome. You can call up there just about any day and Ettore Steccone’s daughter, Dianne, will answer the phone. She is such a sweet woman.