Ever consider using a "tool sharpening bell" to advertise?

Ever consider using a “tool sharpening bell” to advertise your window cleaning services as you drive down a residential street?

When I was younger a service vehicle used to drive around the neighbourhoods ringing his bell to advertise his tool sharpening services and people would run out to have them sharpened.

That’s because it cost a few bucks and didn’t take half a day.


No, but I considered the Good Humor icecream truck bell, but then realized that only children would respond to it…

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No, see, you need to put this track over the PA.
Washing windows

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That’s the ticket!

that is illegal here now.

What is illegal here now?

creating noise for advertising, the ice cream truck of old. illegal in winnipeg ca

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Too bad. Music makes advertising

I like the PA idea. Hmmm still legal here in Ottawa CA…

are you sure? just a very quick search revieled this in the ottawa noise bylaws:
(5) No person shall operate or use or cause to be operated or used any sound
reproduction device on any highway or other public place.
(6) No person shall operate or use or cause to be operated or used any sound
reproduction device originating from or in connection with the operation of
any commercial establishment between 0700 hours and 2300 hours of the
same day, the noise from which sound reproduction device when measured
in any business, dwelling house, apartment house, hotel or any other type
of residence has an equivalent sound level (Leq) greater than 45 dB(A).

We often get told we should hang one off of our bike trailer and ring it as we roll into neighborhoods. We’re too busy for that… "Ain’t got no time for that! "



Ringing bells, whether legal or not, broadcasts that you don’t have work. Not a good look.

When you don’t have work is a great time to be drumming up business. :wink:

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Or just your tune on your way down the street to a job