Ever had this problem w/ Anderson front storm-door?

Hi all,

I came across a front storm-door today during an estimate that I can’t figure out how to clean. It is an Anderson, bought from Home Depot apparently, and it has 2 sliding panels like many storm-doors that go up and down by flicking the little latches on either side at the bottom of the pane. What’s weird to me is that the screen (which is on the outside) stretches all the way from the top of the door to the bottom - blocking access to the outside of each pane of glass.

From what I could see, there was no obvious mechanism for releasing the glass or screen from the door. For example, my first instinct was to flick the latches on the storm panels and try to pull the panel out inward - like on triple track storm windows, for example. But they’re firmly set into a track and won’t come out.

Seems logical to me that something must come out, or else how would you ever clean the outside of the glass? But whatever it is, I’m not seeing it, and I didn’t feel like just pulling things off the door in case I created a problem.

So, anybody come across these? I assume they’re common since they’re from HD…? Thanks in advance guys! I appreciate ANY clues you might be able to give me.

I’ve run into a similiar door before. On the interior of the door, above/beside the handle, is there a little slide switch? If so, pull the handle of the door UP while holding that switch. That MIGHT release the whole frame surrounding the sliding windows, to where you can pull it off the door.

If you don’t have the type of door I speak of, then sorry for wasting your time, lol :slight_smile:

They might be the type that are a pressure fit panels. Try pushing the pane to the side while holding in the tab on that side which will allow the other side to pop out. Then just reverse the process to re-install.

Go the HD and see if they have the manual for that series of doors

Thanks everyone! Very much appreciated.

Josh & Tony, thanks for those possibilities that I didn’t think of. I’m glad I asked. Thank you for your time.
Good one Larry! I think I’ll be doing that, although I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t think to do that on my own. Duh!

It’s great to be able to benefit from all your experience. This forum is awesome! :smiley:

Oh, the job isn’t for a couple of weeks, but I’ll be sure to post the outcome of the matter right here.

Can you pull on the latch and tilt the sliding panels to near diagonal so the latch clears the track it is in (the opposing latch can stay in it’s track while you tilt?)

If so, then do the same with the other panel. Clean outside of the frame as with a storm window, and don’t forget to clean the screen (they usually are removable, too.)

I think Tony nailed this one… Andersen - Installation & FAQ

Ah yes. Thanks for the link, that does sound like what I saw at the client’s house, ie, the triple track door. Thanks again guys, I’ll be sure to confirm it when I do the job. Good one Tony!

Well, Tony got it alright. Did the job today and it had spring loaded tracks either side of the window pane. It was a little tricky to get out because you kinda had to compress both sides in order make enough room to let the pane out. But I got it done and the customer was happy. So thanks again guys! Your advice made the difference today! :smiley:

I had a retirement community where I did most of the units. They all had that style of storm door. Glad I was able to help.

This door is going to haunt me forever!

I finished a job yesterday (just starting out), and a neighbor asked me for a quote, I gave her and she said could I do it now so I went over. She said she needed to go out and left me to it. I did the outside and was going in and looked at the storm door, I had seen some sites that said they did not do storms. I thought its not that hard so slide the bottom latches and pulled the lower forward, then bang the upper glass dropped straight down! I crapped myself, I did nothing other than tilt the lower and now I have the top leaning out and the bottom down behind it and what looked like a scratch down the front part caused by the handle.

I was dazed then I a neighbor I knew came bye and started to help, still we were confused. Then the owner returns to see this, and I explain she looks worried but we put her at ease. Another neighbor appears and 3 of us are trying to fix it, still no luck, we knew they had to go in at 90 degrees but just could not get it.I then I un-hinged the spring and we got the angle and bingo it all went back.

The door took her husband 8 hours to fit, she said it was a nightmare. All we could come up with was that the upper window was in wrong that took 1 1/2 hours I thought I was in for a new door, there was a slight bit of damage to the plastic track at the bottom. I went on and finished and knocked money off the original quote for the hassles. So I will not touch the next one I see, without the owner!

Lesson learned the hard way