Everything's Relative

Great article passed on by Chris Cartwright aka Squeegee Ninja NJ. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/28/magazine/who-says-new-york-is-not-affordable.html?pagewanted=all


[COLOR=#000000][FONT=georgia]“Part of the reason high-income residents get good deals, Handbury explains, results from a particular economic system. Highly educated, high-income New Yorkers are surrounded by equally well-educated and well-paid people with similar tastes. More vendors compete for their business, which effectively lowers prices and provides variety.”
Do you agree. do “clustered” higher income residents get better deals?

trends: 1) upper-middle class consumers increased ability to choose
2) service providers increasing their efficiency to get as much of those precious dollars as they can

Is the future of in-home services “bundling” i.e. inclusive package of softwash, roof wash, driveway pressure washed and windows cleaned ?

As profitability declines per man hour, does property maintenance start heading towards the UK where maintenance contracts are signed?

Just brainstorming. Thanks for the article, Chris.

I see it as dissapearing middle class with less ability and willingness to buy leaves over capacity in the market, thus many drop prices to chase pre '08 volume or break even volume, it doesn’t work, margins are less, without any creativity another notch in the downward price spiral and so on and so on

over capacity = buyers market

the affluent know that

but are they getting what they really want or just a cheap price from an overworked overstressed vendor who can barely eke out the service

oh that’s right, his phone number wont work next year :slight_smile: