Exceed Uni-Valve vs Aquatap (on/off devices)

Has anyone tried these? Which is better?

We favour the Uni-Valve mainly because so far they have been 100% problem free. We sold a few hundred if them so far this year - 0 complaints.

I like the AquaTap its neat but The twisting action required can be problematic. It kinda loosens things up over time. Its a very small thing. But worth mentioning. Both are good products.


Thanks, Chris. I was leaning toward the uni-valve…was just hesitant because of the need to have the hose inside the pole, which it seems like some people don’t like for some reason (I don’t know that reason as of yet).

You could technically use it outside of the pole ( not recommend ) as it could get caught on stuff maybe?

Some people prefer an for external hose for a couple of different reasons.

  1. It places the hose away from your feet ( maybe a trip hazard )
  2. It’s quicker to drop sections.

Personally, I much prefer internal hose… But whatever. Its like debating soap.


I prefer the hose on the inside of the pole, and the uni vavle is a must. Especially for the way we use our wfp for window cleaning. Once we flip the pole to scrub with the bronze wool i like to be able to shut off the water . I have both the aqua tap and the uni vavle and i have to say the uni vavle is much easier to use.


Good to hear cause i ended up going with the uni-valve.


i twist my pole all the time to swivel brush could stand twist on off. why do you need on off?

To save water and hence resin, etc. Also so im not shooting water at myself when i flip the pole to use whatever attachment i have on the other side (e.g. a bronze wool pad).

any piece of pipe about 3/4 inside diameter taped or velcroed on base section, kink hose and insert works a treat.

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I use my Reach-it Mini as a ground, one and two story pole by dropping sections. I also use the first 4 sections as my Trad pole. Hose on the outside is simply more convenient for me. Everything packs away quickly and neatly. Also on two and three story commercial hose management is easier by keeping hose close to building. I have to say it can accasionally be a pain in heavy shrub and tree planted domestic.