Excess water when cleaning inside

I know you try to minimize the amount of water dripping inside but have you ever had a resi customer complain about water getting on anything? How do you go about inside cleaning to minimize this?

I think it takes a little practice with your mop. Otherwise bring a drop cloth with you.

When doing insides I usually squeegee my mop to get it as dry as possible. You can also put a huck down on the sill to soak up any drippies that may happen

As you go across with the squeegee hold your washer underneath it as you go across the window and that will catch most of your water , this also makes it quicker when you detail.

Invisaclear Window cleaning

I carry a big towel and lay it on the sill/floor…

Get yourself that Unger spray bottle. It will last the whole inside of the house. Fits right on to your belt, no need to bring a bucket inside with you.
Lay a rag on the sill, if you are right handed, lay on on the right hand side if that is where your water will end up.
No, nobody has ever complained about water on the inside yet. I HAVE had one complain about water on her stucco though.

Awesome, thanks guys for all the tips! I ordered an Unger bottle on a belt. I think I’ll get some old towels or scrim to lay down to help as well.