Exoskeleton Suits and Tool Balancer Backpacks

I thought I’d get a thread started that only focuses on these types of products and machines.

We’ll be implementing the Exo-S from Hilti with the neck rest feature into our business in April. We tried the Exo-1 and loved it.

We also are always looking to improve our homemade tool balancer backpack which holds the water fed pole’s weight up even at 70+ feet worth of weight.

As these new technologies develop and refine it’d be helpful to share what we discover…


So what are your thoughts on this at the Moment.?
Or do you have to try it in the field first??


I have not tried either versions in the field yet.

The Exo-1 is designed to have most of its “powerband” be felt when the humorous is at and above parallel to the ground. (for working overhead)

The Exo-S is the newer version. Only released January 1st, 2023. It’s geared more towards having the “powerband” start when the humorous is vertical to the ground and up to parallel. That is much more advantageous for window cleaners, both traditional with squeegees and water fed pole work. PLUS, it has a head rest option to rest your head while looking up. That is amazing and if you are a serious water fed poler then you know what I mean.

In a couple weeks we’ll do a review of the Exo-S and let you know our preliminary findings.

I can already say that it offers a simular benefit to our homemade balancer backpack. The backpack holds the entire weight of the water fed pole so it’s as if you’re not holding anything. In fact, with adjustment, you don’t lift anything, even at 70+ feet. You pull down using your triceps. The only major problem with a tool balancer backpack is that it’s very unwieldy in the field if there are any obstructions and it does not assist your arms when going above parallel to the ground.

On the other hand, I can already tell you that the Hilti Exo-S feels as of I’m wearing nothing. It’s only 5 pounds. . All movements of the arms feel natural. So, with even less weight taken off the shoulders, the Exo-S exoskeleton is much easier to put on and wear.

Our tool balancer backpack is $200-300. The Hilti Exo-S is $1,700 CAD.

More to come…


Looking Forward to Maybe Some Videos of it in Action.
And more Information on How to fit it on.

Head rest Option to rest your head while looking up.

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Correct. Exactly like that.

The headrest option is only available for the Exo-S version and is hitting the market mid-April.

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Here Found a More up to Date Picture.

Following this! Thanks for the info so far. We do a mid level hotel in town and the WFP kills me by the end of the day. I work it down to the second level and my guys use a 27’ Gardener to pole down from there.

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Been working with the Hilti Exo-S Exoskeleton and its been great so far. Definitely a game-changer for me personally. We’ll see how the season goes…