Exploding casment!

Got a call today from a lady who’s windows we did yesterday. She said around 7 pm maybe 6 hrs after we left she heard a loud pop and a casement in her living room exploded. This happened to me 1 other time but it was literally seconds after I cleaned it. Can anyone explain the science behind what causes this?


Most likely “Stress Crack” very prominent in spring & fall. Basically it has to do with various changes in temperature’s that can cause this to happen.Outside temps vs inside temps.

Not to get off the beating path here but…we also have whats known as “Scratched Glass Season” due to the angle of the sun fabricating debris scratches are much more obvious from mid spring to mid fall.

[COLOR=Black]Sometimes casement windows are put in a bind when closed improperly. The window has to fit into the frame just right to close properly. I have seen some that because of age or what have you, sag a little and then the top or bottom is not fit in place right. That causes stress.

The other issue is that sometimes the window is not completely cranked in when a tech reaches for the lock lever and forces the window shut the last 1/2" or so. This can also lead to pressure on the glass. Either of these conditions can cause the window to finally shatter or crack when the temperature changes.[/COLOR]

Further research finds there was a tornado warning on TV just around the time it blew up.

Could be an air pressure incident: This is just a quick link, further research will help you not pay for a replacement.


[COLOR=Black]Yeah, that’s what I meant, either it was in a bind from improper fit or a tornado blew it out, lol! Earthquakes are hard on casements too. [/COLOR]:stuck_out_tongue: