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From what I can learn on the net Rain X is made using ethanol and isopropanol as solvents for Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). Sulfuric acid is used to break up the PDMS chains. It also reacts with ethanol to form ethyl sulfate. The shorter PDMS chains react with the glass surface by means of their hydroxyl groups. These fragments also have methyl groups which push away water molecules. That is what gives the new surface its hydrophobic properties. There is also a residue of chlorotrimethylsilane which is another glass sealant. All of this is quite fascinating. But the most important matter is how it performs. So lets look at that!

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You might need to explain this in Window Cleaning terms! Rain x makes the water sheet off!
The primary use of Rain - X is for automotive applications. Commercially sold “Original Glass Treatment” is the original and most well known Rain - X branded product. It is a hydrophobic silicone polymer that forces water to bead and roll off of the car, often without needing wipers.


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Hydrophobic Self Assembling Monolayers: 2) Science Of Rain-x