Extension poles

Hi my name is Will, im the owner of California Shine here in San Diego. Wad wondering what is the best squeege/extension pole combo. Also, does the errors butterfly really work?

Love all the Garelicks. I keep a 8, 12, 24 footer with me at all times. The 30 foot Unger big boy is a necessity at times. Also, the durability of the 12 and 15 foot Ettore poles have always pleased me.

You may want to look at this first. It just posted today and is available at WCR.

Hi Will. Best combo is completely subjective, people have their preference and bias toward one brand or another. But I can say that pole and squeegee combos are best made by Unger and Ettore. Unger and Ettore poles have what are knows as locking cones, meaning that hand tools of the same brand will lock securely onto the pole tip not just fit snug. A locking cone is a great safety feature when working at heights. This will ensure that a squeegee or soaking wet strip washer will not crash down on your head or a pedestrians for that matter.

Choosing between the two brands is up to your personal experience and liking. If you need some clarification on locking cones check out the video in the product below. Also, feel free to give us a call any time.

Unger ErgoTec Locking Cone | Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products


Thanks guys! i really like the unger highflow. It looks a lot more durable than the butterfly. And i like the velcrow. I have some unger poles, but my biggest flaw is that i cannot get good enough pressure and my windows come out like crap at the top and some streeks. And sujestion on this?

Practice, practice, practice. In time you’ll be poling like a pro. :wink:

I’m really pleased with my Garelick poles. I find them very quick and easy to work with. They don’t take a whole lot of twisting to get them secure, either. I’ve retrofitted Unger locking cones onto my Garelick poles (a little heat from a torch can be very persuasive ;)). I also use, on occasion, a 16’ Unger pole I got at home depot. Can’t say that I’m too pleased with it (very whippy when fully extended, and very hard to get the locking parts secure)- though I hear that the ones sold @ HD aren’t built to the same specs as the ones sold here

Welcome California Shine. I’m up in Vista where are you located lot’s of good dudes slinging the squeegee in SD. Keep the prices high! Feel free to call be happy to help.

Garlick here

I describe my long poling technique as “reverse pool cue.”

  • so the twist close/open’s of Unger and Ettore REALLY get in my way.

Garelicks all the way for me.
(8, 12, & 24)

I live in the college area, I am a student. I work in coronado, el cajon, la news and kerny mesa. Yes defanitly on the prices, you just can’t feel sorry for some of these people. When they want it done they need to relize its a skill. And it cost to have it done right.

Hey Will, welcome to the site. If you wanna learn from someone who knows how to use a pole (that didn’t sound right) Brian is good. You can call me up anytime as well.

I changed out the tip on the Garelick - that was harder work than I thought it would be! I also bought a spare 3rd section Garelick pole grip, that fits nicely on the longer 2 section Ettore handle. I got so fed up with the Ettore poles falling over even at small angles (wall to floor). I use wfp’s for 12" & over pole-ing.

I just got the Unger Teleplus, 30’ pole for a specific commercial client that I just signed for a monthly account. I haven’t used it yet, but in practicing with it, I’m sure it will do all I need it to. I like that I can drop some of the sections when working at lower heights to lower the weight. I bought this one partly because I can convert it to water fed later. I don’t have water fed yet and it will help financially if I have a pole already. It should do till I can buy a specific water fed pole. Thanks Alex, for the assistance the other day to pick out this pole.

That’s one heavy pole! It was also my first wfp. It gets heavy around the 45 foot mark. A little tip - watch the fold in your fingers when collapsing - I used to get so many bite marks off that thing! The beauty of a heavier pole like that is the weight does all the work when it gets to the brush head. it’s just a case of pushing it up & down.

Thanks Karl

By the way - to go higher, I think you invert section 5 & then couple 2 more to take you to around the 45/50 mark. I wouldn’t recommend it though unless you want to look like Popeye. I still have mine somewhere - it was a Peter Fogwill idea & it worked.