Exterior Window Shutter Cleaning Tips

Just wondering what you folks are using to clean standard painted plastic /vinyl shutters as well as some pricing help. I do not do pressure washing, but figured a soft brush (with a recommended cleaner?) and a rinse would work well. Light soiling/dust and bird droppings are about all that is on it.


Steven I have had best results with pure water. You get a good clean shutter at the end and fast.
I have used my window scrubber before but a hog hair brush works good if doing it by hand.
But WFP it if you can I would suggest as a first choice. ; )

Your mix would work fine Steven. I’d add a little bleach to help clean and also sterilize the bird droppings.

The only problem I think you’ll run into is you may have clean spots under the shutters on the house.

I’d charge $4 a shutter with a $100 minimum.

As look upon to exterior shutters, if power washing not succeed to eliminate mildew stains, you may perhaps want like to try brush the area with a solution of 1 part regular laundry bleach with 5 parts water. Check a little, inconspicuous area first as the bleach may cause discoloration.

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I use a flow-thru truck wash brush on a metal threaded pole. I wet the shutter, dip the brush in a bucket of water and soap solution, scrub the shutter and rinse down. I used to use a hose, but connecting the hose to the brush makes it easier to wrangle the equipment around the house