EZe Breeze windows

Has anyone heard of these? They are quite popular here in SC for back porches. They are vinyl windows that have to be taken a part and cleaned in a specified way. I used to turn them down but have done 3 lately. They are a pain. Anyone know best way to price?

They are somewhat popular here. Best thing to do is time yourself doing one set. How long does it take x how many sets x your minute/hourly rate.

We’ve found that the simplest way to do them is with towels . The vinyl flexes too much with squeegees. I’m never thrilled with the results, so I always warn the HO that they won’t turn out as well as glass. As long as they are okay with that, we go ahead.

If anyone has any tips to clean these more effectively, I’d love to hear it.

Edit: also be careful when taking them out. The tabs like to break. You almost have to lift the window up a little so the tabs aren’t holding it before you unclip them. If they are under stress/load at all they may break. I know that doesn’t make much sense. It’s hard for me to put into words without showing you.

They look similar to the outdoor clear blinds that are sold here, a customer who had them told me they were told to use Mr.sheen on them.

looks a bit like weatherwall but hard to tell from the pic. if they are i put them all to the bottom and tipped out wash with cloths and water.

I would use a soft cloth and pure water, and do a rinse. I would charge 20% above your regular price.

Last time i squeegeed with really good results actually (i may have also dried them with a rag). I also used foaming glass cleaner, which i think i would do next time as it was way faster with fantastic results.

Yea actually the EZe breeze company recommends a specific way of cleaning these. Similar to what some of you said. You have to take the windows apart and then use a rag to clean them with woolite.

I ran into a house with these, when cleaning their neighbor. The homeowner told me they had to be cleaned with Woolite, dish soap, or kerosene. Yes, Kerosene.

His set had screen burn all over them. He tried Woolite, I tried WFP and GG4, neither worked.

I think those are some that I would pass on in the future. I attempted one for him, but told him no charge. He said they were still under warranty and he was going to take it up with them.

I got a call from a potential client today…

They have EZE breeze windows. Care instructions per the manufacture are woolite or Murphy’s oil soap (one cap to a gallon).

Vac first, wash with cleaner, dry, apply PGT. and reinstall.

NO idea how I should even price these. I’d warn them first, that they may not come out amazing. They seem really time consuming. The one I did a year ago, the homeowner pulled it out and set it outside for me. Instructions say use rags/hand towels.

So, how should I price a panel?
How much to clean the screens?
Should I use Woolite or Murphy’s?
I’m not willing to experiment with something NOT recommended by the manufacture.