Face of the company?

Excellent! Can you throw up a little thumbnail of the postcard design?

i use pictures of myself all the time, usually with me working, and most people have commented on how they are surprised to see the guy in flier/website/postcard, actually show up. I’m gonna give using a well dressed picture of me to see the response.

I tried but it says the file size is to big.


If you email it to me, I’ll make a little one, and post it for you. I think that everyone can really benefit from seeing more examples of how to do this with their marketing materials…if you don’t mind…

Thanks Kevin

I have also just gone behind the scenes and tripled the size limit for file uploads. Hopefully that helps. If anyone needs more size please just let me know and I will take care of it.

Just had time to try again. Sorry it took a few days. I’ve been busy.

Let me know what you think.
The area I live in baseball and softball are huge. I am targeting this first postcard to neighborhoods with kids who may play baseball and softball.

Also, after I did the preview, I figured out I could drop the size to get it to post. I should have tried that the other day.


Nice, man. Face right there in plain sight!