Face of the company?

Paneless & CFP on another thread about a yellow page ad, you both say to put a face on the company to relate there is someone behind the company they can count on. Separate yourself from a commodity, and so on. Would you do this with all marketing tools? (Postcards, fliers, etc.)

And how many times would you use it in an area? I know it takes people several times viewing something to want to use or get it. So let say, I passed fliers out in neighborhood “A” today - with a picture of myself. Next month should I do it again? I have read enough on here that I think you will say yes, but change the wording of the flier.

I started this thread to avoid getting off the subject on the other one.


Derek, i put my face on everything, my website, fliers and postcards. Ive had alot of people be surprised when its really me that shows up to clean their windows. From my experience, putting your own picture really adds a personal touch.

btw Eric. I like your updated website, with you cleaning windows and the question on can windows be cleaned in the winter. That’s a good personal touch, and a good question that a lot of people consider.

[SIZE=“1”]Ditto on the website comment for Eric, and I love the testimonials right there out in front too. Beauty.

Do you really have a [B]florist client named “Fern” ???[/B]

Wow. Maybe it’s her stage name…[/SIZE]

[B]Derek:[/B] You got it. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. All of your marketing materials, all the time. So, yeah - put it on every flier, every time.

Here’s an example of how to do it with your invoices, since you should start doing it with everything from now on. Incidentally, this also means that your invoices should be designed to be powerful marketing tools too.

Do the little things right, and the big things pour in.

Wow, if that is your invoice, then I will not show you mine.

Will this picture work?

I hope you can open it.

I can’t figure out how to do the drop shadow in PHOTOSHOP. Is there an easy explanation Kevin?

Yeah - easy.

Okay that picture is not of me. I found it on the net. I was trying to make a funny.

Anyway, you said a tie. I know that this is to promote a professional image, but I am the company at this point. Would you start with a polo and then move to a tie later when I have employees? referring to the picture.


kevin>> yes that florist is Fern lol shes nice, that was my first job ever in north bay too!
as far as testimonials i have more i just need to get into gear and get em on there lol

Kevin very nice invoice. I am going to start taking pictures of before and afters this year i think it is a good idea. do you have a standard forum for your invoices how do you do that for every customer. Do you just print from photoshop. I have been using quickbooks.

Does it use up a lot of ink.

oh yea

Kevin when does your book come out, you keep talking about

[B]Jecodob: [/B]

Yup - I make every one in Photoshop, using the template that you see.

Uses up ink, too, for sure.

I also use expensive paper.

All costs money, but all allows you to charge more, too.

And its WAY more fun - don’t forget that.


People believe what you want them to believe, in many cases. Do [I][B]you [/B][/I]see yourself as a tie person? Or do you want [I][B]them [/B][/I]to see you as one? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then wear one in the photo. Forget about how big your company is. That part doesn’t matter.

[INDENT][I][SIZE=“2”]Wicked cool tip: If you were bidding on 150 West49 locations, I would suggest wearing skater-type gear in the photo. Dress like your customers would hope you would dress.[/SIZE][/I][/INDENT]

I landed my first big job about 8 years ago simply by wearing a suit and tie when I met the manager that accompanied me during the bidding process, who of course, was wearing a suit himself at the time.

Are you ignoring the question about the book?

No! Sorry I neglected that one…its coming quickly!

The challenge is time…our powerful enemy. Coming though…coming.

Hopefully within 4 weeks or so! Maybe sooner!

4 formats will be available

[INDENT]Hardcover mailed to your door within 2-3 business days
eBook download immediately
Audio CD shipped to your door within 2-3 business days
mp3 audio download immediately[/INDENT]

Will the book cover all aspects of running a window business? Also will it have examples in it?

Talk about mass control. lol I want the book now! Can I be a proof reader? lol


[SIZE=“1”]That’s funny…“talk about mass control”…[/SIZE]

The book covers all aspects of running your window cleaning business, yes.

However, it’s [I]huge value[/I] lies in its focus on the most important part of your window cleaning business : [B]it’s marketing machine. [/B]

This is the true secret behind explosive business growth, whether you are a one-man show, or have 25 employees. And this is exactly what 99% of window cleaning businesses are either NOT doing or doing poorly.

Supercharge this part of your window cleaning business, and you will transform the whole thing. And quickly!

As an example, I tried something last fall that I had never heard anyone ever talk about before. It took me about [B]60 seconds to implement [/B](once only - I never spent another 60 seconds on it again), and over the following 8-10 weeks, it was directly responsible for generating over [B]$5,000[/B] in additional revenue for my window cleaning business.

And the truly unbelievable part is, that initial test tapped into about [B]1%[/B] of this particular strategy’s potential, in my local marketplace. One percent. Crazy.

Another example: I made [B]one small tweak[/B] to my invoices last year, and customers instantly started [B]paying me faster[/B], greatly reducing the number of clients I had to chase down for money. I didn’t expect that one, and that wasn’t even the reason for the change, so I guess you could say I stumbled on to that one!

This is what I’m talking about, and this is why I felt I had to write this book, for all those thousands and tens of thousands of guys out there running their business without this kind of marketing intelligence.[/INDENT]

As far as examples, what do you mean exactly?

Examples of what?

I guess examples would be like never use this on a flier, here is sample invoices, here is a sample of what I give customers to remind them of service coming up. Starting out I have already made some mistakes, but I have learned from them. As a “newbie” to window cleaning I constantly look for examples of what other window cleaners do - marketing and stuff. I also search the net looking for stuff I could modify and use.

I guess some tools that will help me.


KES: Sorry, man, I missed this last thought by you. Yes - I plan on making some detailed explanations available, regarding good and bad examples, to make sure that the reader understands the point being made.

That being said, here’s another example of how the “face of the company” ( aka Y-O-U ) can be added to a postcard flier. As you can see, there is no reason why you can’t simply keep using the same little photo of yourself on all of your company’s print marketing materials.

If you’re interested in a closer look at this 8.5" x 5.5" postcard (my company’s newest one - ready for launch in Spring 2008), you’ll have to get your hands on my new book. Just a little too juicy to pass out freely…!

Even this snapshot is almost too much information, since several of my competitors are on here, too, but I know it will help lots of you guys to get your creative juices flowing, so check it out.

P.S. I’ve recently decided to change my mind and give any member a chance to use this exact postcard template absolutely FREE for your local market and your window cleaning company!

Has anyone else done this with their marketing materials?

Paneless I ordered my first postcards Monday and I took your advice and put my mug on them. Picking them up Thursday afternoon and passing them out Friday. We’ll see if a fat boy picture can get some calls.