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I created a FB ad and it says 9 people got my offer, but I have no contact from anyone and I can’t find any details on FB for who these people are? How do I find that info?

Never mind. FB protects their privacy so they send them an email for how to redeem.

  1. Go to the offer on your Page’s Timeline or in the Posts section of your Page Insights.
  2. The number of people who claimed your offer will be listed in the bottom of the offer.

When someone claims your offer, they’ll receive an email with details about how to redeem it at your business. The email also includes your offer’s terms and conditions and the expiration date. Visit our Help Center for more details about creating offers:

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Didn’t even know Facebook had that option in their ads and I’ve been playing with a lot. Thank you for the heads up.

I have been contemplating the whole FB ads thing, What I would really like to know is how can I keep track of who is sharing. If someone shares on their page A, then someone shares post A to their page B, Then C shares post B. How do you find out who is all sharing? I have tried to look this up and no luck. I am thinking about doing some kind of “share this post and you get a chance at 20$ off” thing but don’t know how to track who shared

Yeah, I figured it might be worth a try so I just started clicking through it and put together a small ad. I promoted $99 for 10 double hung windows. I have 18 people who have accepted the offer and it goes up every time I check. I have no idea who they are, but if they all follow through with the promo then that is $1800 revenue off of a $15 ad! You can watch the statistics and see the # of people you reach, how many shares, and so on, but there is no way to tell who they are until they call or email you.

Personally I like that FB is so secretive about the users because it makes me feel better about what they share about me to businesses.


please keep us posted on the results. that sounds like a good ad

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one thing iv learned is dont run paid ads often. you wont get a good return if you do it every week . i personally prefer to use the local buy and sell groups and put my prices in the ad-thats the critical thing,make the pricing clear to see

theres a lot of my competition hide behind the phrase "prices from £ " but its their loss cos few will take the bait.

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another angle iv learned works well is include stuff in your ad that you dont want to do,pretend its on the agenda,to draw out the messers into the open. i personally wont do one-off type jobs but i post that im happy to do them. one off messers will reply openly [instead of pretending to want a regular monthly cleaning spot then cancelling before clean 2 after the slog has been done]
once theyv replied i tell them that my brothers doing all the one offs for me and heres his number send him a text he will sort you out. but the number belongs to an old phone of mine that sits in a drawer switched off . i then block them from making any future FB contact


I do it the same way.

That is genius!

So have you heard of any of them yet? Did you have an expiration date on your offer?

I stated that the job had to be booked between March 1st and May 31st. I’ve had two email conversations where they saw the ad when someone shared it on FB. Might have one job locked down for Friday if yesterday’s windy weather didn’t make them want to wait.

Facebook periodically alerts you if you have offers that you’ve signed up for. I have a feeling they’ll all start calling at the same time in a couple weeks.

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Thanks for replying, I’m looking forward to see how it works out for you!

So here are the results. I limited the number to 25 offers. In 5 days my ad ended with 25 people accepting the offer and 975 people were reached (106 organic/869 paid reaches) for $7.59. I don’t know what “reached” means exactly. It could mean they scrolled past it for all I know, but my company’s name is out there and the ad was cheap. If even one person follows through and schedules then my Customer Acquisition Cost is $7.59. If all 25 follow through then my CAC is $0.30 and if the average ticket is $99, which is unlikely, then my ROI is 32,838% (right? 2500-7.59/7.59).

I don’t necessarily think every ad will be that effective, but its cheap enough to run them a few times to see when they are most effective.

Now I just need to be patient and wait for the phone to ring!

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I needed to see this thread. Thanks @Gotlift

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I just booked my first house from the ad for April 7th. Ticket price $124 due to additional windows.


Nice, Congrats!

I know it its only one house but hey for the few buck and a little time to post the ad you made it work for you! :slight_smile:

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Another benefit is that you are getting more familiar with that type of advertising.

What do you mean by “accepting the offer?”

@Gotlift How’d the FB campaigns work out for ya?