Facebook Ads - Audience Data

Has anyone had any luck with using certain demographic data for their audience selection for their Facebook ads? I have tried a few different strategies and have had any significant changes. With my other business I have really been able to drill it home with good targeting but not so here.

I dropped some cash on this a while back with full ad spends and NO results. I live in area with decent economy so I targeted households between 100k and a bajillion dollars income. Targeted with kids, moms with toddlers and that sort of crap because you’d figure if they’ve got money AND they’re busy they’ll hire out more services. I think I also chose females only. I have it my head now that Facebook posts aren’t as effective for services as they are products because people aren’t on Facebook looking for a window cleaner. They click the picture to see it, then click back to their news feed. I’m in a Facebook group called Don’t Suck At Facebook that focuses on Facebook marketing for services but I haven’t delved into it much yet.

I paid for Facebook advertising and got ZERO calls or anything. Big waste of money. I found a free way to post ads on Facebook that is working way better then the paid advertisement. I joined as many groups as I could find ( like the Facebook classifieds or something similar) and just posted on those pages. Ive been getting calls from that. I also use the App called Nextdoor that I get most of my calls from.

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Yeah, I had similar results using similar data. I think that unless there is a low barrier entry deal shown, people won’t hit it. I have also joined that group but have found the info to be only ok.
Facebook is hard because when you get it right its the most powerful tool you can have but it can feel like using a metal detector on the beach at times

Have you pixled your website? Previous visitors to your site would be my first audience.

Then built look alike audiences.


unfortunately my pixel isn’t that intelligent yet. My website is recent and Im using Facebook to try and drive traffic in order to get better data into the pixel. Its a really hard chicken and egg scenario

You can upload a contact list and create an audience.

Facebook requires a long term consistent strategy. get ahold of dave carrols training at A type Data. It works

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Yeah I would defiantly agree that Facebook is a long game approach