Facebook Ads: How long do run them? what do you include in your ad?

I’ve used FB ads several times, usually in the Spring and then again in Fall for about 10-14 days per ad. I have not had much success. If you’ve posted a fb ad when do you run it? Is it for a long ad run? What do you include? Screenshots if possible. Thanks brothers!!

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I think Facebook ads work, but it really depends on where you are and how flooded people are with ads.

That being said, I’ve never booked a single window cleaning client off of a Facebook ad.

Organic reach (actually searching within Facebook), a handful.


Boosting posts have very little (jobs booked).

But posting ads within local groups on fb… Very good roi!

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I run an ad from 7 to 14 days year round. I have a video of me doing WC, carpet cleaning or floor work or I have a pic of a business with beautifully cleaned windows. Business owners appreciate the free advertising I do for them.

My FB page is: Homer Building Maintenance


@Lawrence check this link out it may also help you.

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Personally I wouldn’t waste my money on FB ads. Instead, in FB, you might try searching: Sell your stuff_____ you fill in the blank with your city. We needed a painter this summer and my wife subscribes to the feed and she said a name kept coming up when people asked if anyone knew a good painter. We called, he came on time and we used him without getting any other quotes, (had a general idea what it should cost), and have since recommended him several times. It is an organic growth, takes some time, but to me there is no better customer than the one calling that says “…you were recommended by…” most the time they are already sold and you need to do is book’em.


Good post Kelly.

“Recommended calls” are basically a done deal you just need to touch on a few points and schedule.

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What do you put in your post? Offers or specials? I’ve been advertising for a week and $30 later i’ve gotten 1000 views, 22 likes and 2 shares and no calls.

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@Lawrence and @boush007

This is one ad I run in local facebook groups.

It very simple and to the point, most people in groups look for deals this catches their attention to call.

All I add to the post is a link to my facebook page.

This ad generates work at your price (not the deal shopper price.)

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the input brother, how so you search?

Where do you search within fb?

i don’t see an ad

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It was up for a few days! :sunglasses:

I use 7 different pictures of homes I’ve done and switch them up among the different facebook local groups I’m part of. The message is always the same though.

Sorry about the sideways pic it didn’t rotate before posting… But you get the just of the ad Ben



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Got to love when a customer creates a buzz in a local facebook group…



im just about to start fb ads and i see now theyre about to remove targeting by a persons income and value of their home. That sucks but i guess targeting college grads masters degree etc is a good alternative… The ‘reach’ was about the same number as the high income homes