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I have been reading that a lot of people have had good success with Facebook ads when promoting their services. I was curious for people that have had good results, if they do specific ads, or boosted posts. Also I was curious how people went about creating their Facebook ad content.

I use to create them. 7 years ago was super easy, super customized. You could select area, females, this age group, this income, has kids etc etc.

I hate social media so I bailed. Recently hired it out and now the dashboard is different. I bet it’s still super easy but not gonna wrap my head around it.

Targeted ads and you should get some results.

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If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you pay for the person to manage it for you? Also with them managing it, do you get good work from it? I have a little knowledge, and it’s not too hard, however, I would rather stick with window cleaning, and have someone who really knows how to optimize for best results deal with that side.



Just started. We need to get them more photos of us doing the work to help make the posts better.

they have not made an ad yet. I utterly hate facebook. Frankly I could do better but as I do not want to spend time in there I am fine with what they are doing.

They make 3 posts a week
handle any DM’s
will create ads
think they post to our googlebusiness page as well.

Oh, we are in a barter system so the funds come out of there. If it was cash dollars I’d probably just find a college student for less

anything else just call. 425.215.2772.

Number will be shut down in a few weeks.

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Any guarantee on the $600/month?

You sound like me. Not a fan of Facebook either. Wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole, but unfortunately, a lot of potential customers are on there :\

To OP – Austin, have you looked into Google’s local service ads? You can use Google Guarantee to increase your odds of showing up often when people in your community search for ‘Window Cleaning services near me.’

Not relevant to Facebook, but we’ve read most customers look for home services on Google. Not so much on Facebook. It’s all relative to what state you’re in, too. In California, YELP is a big platform.

Also, having more Google reviews is another good avenue to get leads organically. It’s low-cost.

I wouldn’t trust that little zuckercuks website. I just got setup on there and had everything perfect. They disabled my site for “spam” only I had posted ZERO SPAM. All I did was reply in the various window cleaning groups on there and their stupid ass AI tagged it.

No support number, no recourse. Just a giant fuck you from Meta.

Probably because I am in some “home grown political dissident” list because I supported the mean ole orange man.

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Thanks so much!

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I currently run GLS ads as well, they work well. I am still in the process of gaining more reviews so other business get more clients from it at the moment. But that will take time to be more competitive with GLS. I hear Google is good for capturing clients that are actively searching for window cleaning, while Facebook acts more like a billboard. I had an established business in Cincinnati, but then I moved up to Cleveland and just trying to figure out the fastest most effective way to get new clients. My last business took about 5 years to get it to the place it was, but I was younger and didn’t care as much to try to grow as fast. But now that I am essentially starting from scratch again, just trying to build a lot faster than a 5 years. Haha

Yeah it seems like a lot of business are going that way. There isn’t any recourse if they have a problem with you. That sucks.

Facebook acts more like a billboard

Better than most people put it. Spot on, lol.

Definitely will take more time to be competitive with GLS, but it would still be worth it paying for a highly targeted word/region.

Did you try and move your Google listing from Cincinnati? Your authority and reputation would have moved over. 5 years’ worth of reviews is a lot in a new city.

If anything, you’ve done it before. One thousand percent, you can do it again. You’ll likely need to do a multiple of whatever you poured into advertising and marketing(door hangers, knocks, flyers, etc…) things that worked in the past though to get to a similar state in Cleveland. Those are likely effective methods, still.

Forums might work out, too. Try Alignable. It’s a small business network. Connect and chat with commercial folks if that’s your target.

Yeah I am already getting calls from my GLS ads, but just not too many. But I know I will get more once I’m more established here.

That’s the crazy thing, happened with both my Facebook and Google pages, I moved, tried to switch the locations and phone numbers, it got marked for spam, but of course they don’t tell you exactly why, just their terms and conditions and say you violated them. They don’t have any customer support so there is no way to try to resolve the problem, and then overtime they just deleted them. Both companies suck, but they are both helpful in getting work.

I’m not worried about it not working, just trying new ways to try grow faster. But you are right, it will happen. I hadn’t thought about forums like Alignable, also Nextdoor. From what I know though, a lot of times Nextdoor people are super picky on price. But that might just be some people’s experience.

Thanks for the help!

Hound Google My Business support team on X - https://x.com/GoogleMyBiz - they’re usually more responsive on there. I’ve seen things(pages reinstated and such) get resolved much quicker. Nag them a couple of times if needed.

With Nextdoor, if that’s your experience, it may be worth toughing those jobs out to prop up your review count quickly. Happy to help on this front.

Good luck, Austin.

I’m Harley btw, enjoy your weekend!

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read half the responses.

Major tech companies. The recourse I have found which works. I contact IT professors from my college. They always have old students working there. Solved a few issues this way.

Otherwise to the googles and facebooks we are ants not worth their time.

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Don’t think too highly of yourself