Facebook Website?

I just made a facebook page for California Shine Professional Window Cleaning

California Shine Professional Window Cleaning - Professional Services - San Diego, CA | Facebook

can some of you check it out and see if it looks good! Thanks, Much appreciated.

Comments are welcome!!


Good job man!

You service San Dimas, glendora, Coronado AND San Diego? Explain that. And if you are going to call yourself a San Diego company get a 619 area code phone number. We don’t take too kindly to foreigners around here. Locals only Brah.

He is ballin with multiple offices

Oh okay. I’m thinking of starting a division servicing San Clemente, Dana point, San Juan Capistrano and Catalina island. I’d like to be balling with multiple offices.

On a serious note the page looks good. You should invest in some ladders.

Looks good. I just liked your page!

Im setting up an office on mars and I will communicate with my crew through laser beams

Hows it going Jashworth, my name is Will. I am the owner of California Shine Professional Window Cleaning. I started my buisness in Bakersfield, Ca about to be 4 years ago. I than moved to greater LA for 3 years and started buisness there.I have an employee working for me in greater la. I am only 19 and moved to san diego for college. Therefor I expanded my buisness to San Diego. Mainely working in coronado, i started out with contacts from La who moved to coronado. Who recomended me around the area. Now six months later California Shine Professional Window Cleaning is doing very well in San Diego, yet I would never steal anyones buisness and never lowball someone else price. Everybody has got to eat. California Shine is a licensed and insured buisness if you were wondering. Im sorry if you feel the way you do but im trying to make my buisness bigger everyday. If you have any other questions, I would be happy to answere any of them.

Thank you! Nice meeting you!

i have 5 ladders from 5 to 34ft. I prefer using a pole, there is less of a risk. And it is more efficient. The only ladder i ever need now is my gorilla ladder that extends from 4-24ft in 6 diffrent positions. I have a monster pole i rarely use that extends to 40ft. other than that, i have a hydrocart in which i love with a 24ft waterfed pole. Thank you tho.

Thank you!

Hey i would love some advice on pressure washing if you would like to give it.

Don’t do it with sandals on :slight_smile:

I have checked your page its nice your can more improve via ads. Social sites are good platform for business growth.

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