Facelift phoenix x vs Gardiner slx. Need advice and reviews

Looking for advice for a new pile

I bought a facelift phoenix x 35’ for my first WFP last year. Everything seems as new as the day I got besides a few scratches. Clamps work like new still. The only thing I didn’t like was the hose ran inside of it - more annoying than useful.

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I see Gardiner as having the best product out there for my high commercial work. When you work at low heights doesn’t much matter.

Let WCR know what products are in demand, maybe they could find a way to sell them.


@BFresh when considering a new WFP I would start here. Understanding Pure Water & Water Fed Poles | WCR – WindowCleaner.com
Here is a good comparison guide. https://windowcleaner.com/waterfed-poles/stats/
And if you need personal consultation click here.
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I haven’t messed with Gardiners much, but I do love my Phoenix 30.

what are you doing mostly residential or commercial? makes a huge difference.

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Residential work right now. But i want to be able to handle commercial as well. I want a pole that can grow with my business too. Add sections if needed.

Brad McConnell

I sold Gardiner for nearly 10 years. Decent product but it is extremely difficult to get replacement parts in the US currently. Average 3 week wait.

Check this site out for American made and stocked waterfed poles. The EZ Pure ones are very similar to Gardiner.



I have a supplier who deals direct with Gardiner here in the Detroit area. They always have parts in stock. That’s why I’m considering them. Thanks for the info though. I’ll check it out

I have a 40’ carbon fiber (not hi mod) that came with my Xero system. I believe it is a rebranded Facelift pole. I’ve no complaints, though I haven’t owned it for long. It does just what it’s supposed to and isn’t too hard to use even fully extended.

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Replacement parts is a good thing to consider. Down time is loss of money. I assume you are referring to Detriot Spong. I would consider Shawns advice as he has sold more Gardiner poles than anyone in the US.

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Just an FYI, the Xero poles we have are private labeled Facelift poles. We sold them on and off for the past few years and we decided they were good enough quality to bring in house and make them “our own”.

Not the lightest or stiffest poles out there but they are reliable workhorse poles. Good enough for the owner operator and also something you can feel confident sending out in the hands of a new guy. And parts are available.


Thanks! I’ll probably end up with that.

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Let me know if I can help in any way.

You’ll notice the Xero poles are cheaper, thats because we buy 100+ at at time not 5 or 10.


I used my buddy’s 22’ Gardiner CLX today and I liked it way better than my ionic. He has 2 more attachments if I need to borrow them. I rarely used a WFP but have some jobs where it would be beneficial. For me, it’s between the XERO and the Gardiner. I don’t mind a hybrid pole, but did notice that the Gardiner flexes quite a bit. Any advice on the XERO? How does it match up? Budget is $300 for a 22’-24’. Like I said, I rarely use poles but want something that I can count on.

The CLX is comparable to the XERO Standard https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/xero-standard-hybrid-water-fed-pole.html

22 feet of actual length - $299 - comes with Tucker brush and ships free.

Its one of our most popular poles, great for non daily work. We alsways recommend carbon fiber if working with the pole daily. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Does anyone know why the Unger nLite high mod CF 44 is double the price of the Xero Ultimate?

Chris is it possible to upgrade the free pole that comes with the Xero system to the Xero Ultimate?

Its a better quality pole. Not as light or stiff as the XERO. But its made a bit better, likely longer lasting. And you can add onto it where is with the XERO is kinda capped at 40 feet for now.

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Yea if you didn’t want the pole we could credit you our cost on it towards an Ultimate if you want one.

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