False advertising

ive been doing my research on other window cleaning companies in my area and this is what i have found…

one company claims to be a part of the iwca but isnt listed on their website. i am however… maybe i shouldnt have PAID for a membership if i could just add it to all of my marketing

5 other companies market themselves as being licensed even though in my area there is no “license” i know about for window cleaning.

would you call them out on it?

I would definitely be tempted to that’s for sure!

Why don’t they just download a BBB logo to while they are at it?

The same is true in san diego. Here is an example (probably a bad example since this company is not very good) of what one did in my area: Lily’s Window Cleaning Insurance Info

One guy is actually on this forum so I wont say no names on that one,
Fish window cleaning is one
Skyriders (high rise)
These guys: Deluxe Window Cleaning | San Diego County & Southern Riverside
This guy (I like him tho) Commercial Window Cleaning San Diego | Professional Window Washing Services North County
Him: Horizon Professional Window Cleaning - Servicing The San Diego County - Licensed and Insured
Him: Window Cleaning San Diego
This clown:
San Diego Window Cleaning || San Diego Power Washing || Carlsbad Window Cleaning - Power Washing He even puts a license number next to it.
All Clean Windows

You get the picture. This is just the first few. I can copy and paste all day. I even called a few of these guys and asked, what kind of license is it? 2 of them got really angry and hung up on me, one was cool and said it is a business license. Its just decieving to the public because most people that dont know any better think its a contractors license regulated by the state which gives more credibility, some may be doing out of not really knowing any better. I used to do it too, untill someone pointed it out to me and told me to cut it out, and I did.

I dont know how you would call them out without being negative. In my opinion (which dont mean much) I always felt that conveying that feeling or emotion is never good. If there is a way to do it and pull these guys’ covers, I am ALL EARS because I would love to do the same.

It cracks me up how these people put all these “qualifications” in their ads. Like Suzy Homemaker gives a damn. She just wants her dirty windows cleaned!

Contact Casey High (member CHigh here) at the IWCA Headquarters at 800.875.4922 or email casey@robstan.com. They want to assist Professional Members with questions such as this.

They sure do. And if taken to IWCA they will are could contact them and get there fee’s for being a menber.

Hey Nick, you could kill two birds with the one stone, Just call the IWCA boad member in our area and tell him about the fakers and ask him what license his guys have

haha true. his sales guys have been going around town selling themselves as the only “licensed” window cleaning company in the boston area… false advertising is a good example to set as a bod member… although ive seen my fair share of shoddy business practices when i worked for another bod member

im not super worried about it… he must feel like they need an advantage… i could always add it to my advertising… after all i do have a valid drivers license, my emt license and a license to be absolutely awesome when i choose to be… :slight_smile:

While there may not a be specific Window Cleaner license, there may be more general categories. For example here in Boise, ID there is licensing available (read not required) for general janitorial and contracting. In order to become licensed you must have a a minimum million in insurance and keep it maintained or you lose your license. For me it is simply one more thing I can use to show that I am an upright business professional.

Brian Hoyt
Poor Man Window Cleaning
Boise Window Cleaning Service Company | Pressure Washing & Building Cleaning Services

Actually…that license has been revoked.

The Awesome Administration

oh no! thats terrible!
i have to get that one back… its the only one i care about!!

are you the mayor of awesomeville? :slight_smile:

No… I just live there, and we’re very strict about our awesome licenses. We’ll reconsider yours.

This thread went way off subject…


I use the word “licensed” in some of my advertising. I say I am Licensed and insured. But the license is just a license to conduct business…I most certainly want to advertise this so people know its legit. I know there is no specific “license” for window cleaning in my area

Where you say licensed, do you say licensed to do business?

No…I can see it being a “catch 22” type of thing…but i dont intentionally do it that way. I wanted people to know that I am legit…and filed my business with the county. They give me a “license” to conduct business. when people see “licensed and insured” it gives them a piece of mind. In 4 years I have had one person ask for it…and they had no issues. Im sure many counties and states are different with the License thing.

Yeah, it gives peace of mind, but why? Because they think its a contractors license thats regulated or because they know its a business license?
I had a contractor ask me once on a big commercial job I was bidding on if I was licensed, and I told him no. He said, “well you have to have a state license to work on this site”, so I had to tell him that, no, I dont. I aint trying to say that youre decieving people Doc, just saying that I think people assume one over the other.

Too funny!

With all due respect, I can’t see how you know what people are thinking when they see this. I doubt the average homeowner is thinking that a window cleaner is licensed like an electrician is. I used to use the same terminology on my advertising but stopped because it is so overused.

City business licensing does in fact give some measure of credibility to the homeowner just in the fact that someone took the time to go down to city hall and present their ID and obtain a permit to do business. Splash and dash doesn’t do that.