Fan Jets Vrs. Pencil Jets

Do fan jets rinse better then pencil jets?
Do Fan Jets use more water?

Has anyone installed Blue Deluxe Fan Jets into their existing brushes before, if so please describe how!

I was a fan of fan jets for awhile. Not so much anymore. I found that the time I saved rinsing the hydrophobic glass (vs. pencil jets) was cancelled out by time spent having to go back and redo windows that were spotty due to overspray from the fans. Even when you try to be very careful, a little wind will ruin your efforts. The fans just make the water mist too much.

I’ve been using fan jets in a hogs hair brush on my 28’ pole and on my 4’ WFP and I’m just not impressed with them either. I get decent results on some hydrophobic panes but on some that are very hydrophobic the results are lacking due to spotting.

The top of the panes are much harder to clean with precision. The water spray is all over the place even when you cut the ball valve back a bit.

After using the fan jets for a while my conclusion is that they work some of the time but not all of the time. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to WFP certain windows with fans jets and no matter how long you spend on them the fan jets will not rinse them completely, resulting in a very spotted and dirty looking pane.

I’m going back to the pencil jets. I’ll try the fan jets when I see hydrophobic glass but even then I know I may have to break out the squeegee.

I personally like fan jets through brush & pencil jets overhead.

What do you mean, you have both fan and jets working at the same time?

Yes, I’ve rigged my brushes to have that ability. But I sometimes choose by switching over.
I also have some 9 jetted brushes & have managed a 40 odd jet brush :slight_smile:

So you use fans and pencils running at the same time all the time? And how much water does that use then just the pencils by themselves?

I can have both - usually fan-jet through the brush & pencil overhead at the same time. But I’m usually one or the other depending on the job.
You use twice as much water running at the same time, but I’m very conservative with use & don’t really go over a quart a minute, thats using just one or the other. I know you don’t have the same problem over there with water conservation so it would probably be ideal for the US market.

I know starbrite has a brush that’s double-pencil jetted and that looked like a pretty sweet idea.

I’m getting a hogs hair within the week and might try that config.