Fanning Technique - How did I do? Videos included

First time ever having a squeegee in my hand lol. I was practicing for about 40 minutes before taking these videos. If i’m doing something wrong let me know as I don’t want to ingrain it into my muscle memory. Ive learned through doing other things it’s more difficult to correct errors after doing it x amount of times & that form is key.


Not bad at all for a beginner for sure.

On a clean window such as the one you are cleaning a quick pass or two with the scrubber is all you need.

Also try to always keep the leading or top edge of your squeegee angled forward or down. When you were cutting back you were letting the leading (top) edge of your squeegee angle back which could let water out and create lines.

Another tip would be to never press or grip the squeegee or scrubber too hard. This job is a lot of repetitive motion. You can easily damage your wrists and shoulders. Be conscious of your movements and switch things up once in a while. There’s nothing wrong with straight pulls. You don’t always have to fan. Try squeegeeing with your non dominant hand too. It will come in handy.

Pretty dang good overall!


Looking good for a new guy.

At 1:16 on video 2 you put the squeegee back on the glass. Doing that will leave goop line residue on the glass.
You should have placed it on the edge or rewet that area and started 100% in the newly wetted area.

Strongly recommend becoming ambidextrous with all WC procedures.

Practice, practice, practice!!!
For two days you’re doing well. I’d advise on the lower part of the window to kneel down. Bending down like that all day will quickly give you back problems so learn to kneel as you go down.
For doors that size a larger squeegee would speed up the process but for now, keep on practicing.

So you place your knee on the ground?

There are ways to bend over without straining your body, after all a flexable body is a strong body…

Imagine you’re 6 hrs into an 8 hr day. Bending like you are will stuff your back up.

I’m right handed so my BOAB is on my right hip. I’ll kneel with my left knee to keep the BOAB upright and clean the lower half of the window.

Remember you also need to finish off the window edges and the bottom of the window as there will be water to be tidied up with your cloths. Even more so if you’re inside as you don’t want to leave any water on the floor/carpet.

My aim is to leave the window clean and spotless and NO other evidence that I’ve been there before when doing insides. No spots of water on the floor, furniture and blinds back in the same position. Just a clean window.

Look after your body.


This playlist from @Luke may help:

Use a bigger squeegee for that size glass. Maybe an 18” , or 16” minimum To much circle motion with the strip washer . Yes circle is fine , but up down, side by side , An circle . Takes time an practice.
All in all nit bad , just need more practice
Squeegee in one hand strip washer in the other

Bending incorrectly will, so will kneeling, placing your knee onto the ground can and has caused me a burtitis which left me off work for 3 months and a painful scar straight down my left knee cap.

I have been bending for 8 hours a day for 20 years, myh back isn’t a body part I have an issue with.

Stand with legs further than shoulder width apart keep you back completly straight bend at the hips, its really not hard to bend properly.

Here we are using new swivel handled 21 inch squeegee.
Note handle is set off centre on the channel.
The 18 inch scrubber also has the same swivel movement. WINDOW CLEANING ✅NEW TECHNIQUE SIDE SQUEEGEE WINDOW CLEANING FANNING METHOD - YouTube

This. It sucks at first and is slow but makes life nicr when you can use both hands.
Also some might disagree but from the beginning I forced myself to use the mop in your left hand and squeegee in the right at the same time this makes cleaning windows go super quick.

But good job man keep it up!