Fanning with a Pole

Would someone post a youtube video of a good “fanning with a pole” demo.

I don’t need a product demonstration. I just want to see someone who claims to actually be a fast fanning-poler in action. I am still trying to master this method, and nothing, I mean nothing, seems to be helping me here.
I learn better by watching it done.

I know about the wagtail. I know about the unger and ettore products available. In fact, I have a Contour Pro Plus–that I never use for poling. Someone show me how to do this correctly.

Fanning can usually only be done succesfully with a wagtail, angle adapter or the swivel angle handles set to loose. I find the wagtail has mastered the swivel with its action - the other handles I find you need more pressure.
You may also want to look at Mr. Longarm.

And if you want some straight pulling there are plenty of video’s out there.

The last 25 seconds or so show a little fanning with a wagtail.

// Demo - YouTube

thats good. I think I can work with that. I am going to loosen the pin on the ol squeegee tomorrow.

Although most Unger products blow (my opinion), their swivel handles work best for fanning on a pole because the pivot point is closer to the channel and you have better control. The zero angle works best for fanning on a pole.

Go with the wagtail, start with a short pole first, if you already use a wagtail the technique is the same. Just twist the pole like you would a screw driver.

that took forever to clean that glass on the video. Get a unger swivel lock with any angle and you can fan with ease with a pole. I have been doing it for 8 years and it is much faster than the pull down. The only time I use the pull down is when I am doing very tall work. For the average pole work fanning with the unger is great.

Wagtail makes a squeegee that you can put your own channle in…are you going to sell that Chris?
A wagtail with a wide channel=a change of shorts :open_mouth:

I have never seen that Matt…

But we do have this wagtail regular squeegee.

It has a real wide channel… Perhaps its what you saw?

It was only his second day using it…

Are you able to post a quick vid?

I’m going to start experimenting today with my Unger swivel.

i know but even looking on the wagtail site and watching them do it it is still slower. They were having to take too many swipes on the glass. Maybe that is the wagtail or maybe the user. Anywho, unger or wagtail…fanning is the way to go.

I will see if I can get a video of it for you. It is the same concept as the wagtail except you don’t have an angle on the handle. Instead of having your hands out in front of you and below eye level you keep your hands/arms up and keep the pole more in front of you. You can take a pretty large swipe of glass out with it which is why I think it is easier…though, i have a wagtail and I have used it and it is great. i just like the zero angle of the unger better because it is much easier to close. I actually installed a sorbo channel in my unger handle and I seldom have to wipe the sides any more so that also helps my speed.

Sure would like to see a vid. I tried today on a couple of windows and I sucked big time. LOL It felt too forced for me (and I left water everywhere), where the wagtail feels so natural. I’ll try adjusting my arm position as you have suggested.

I too would like to see a vidoe…or series of photos…of you using it.

I fail to see the angle in my head. But…I do not own the under tool.

One thing I do not lie…okay…two things I do not like about wagtail

  1. The channel hits the frames and the bump looses water.
  2. Closing out.

I’m very curious about the mentioning in a previous post that wagtail has come up with a way to use your own channels.

by using a sorbo channel i can shove the channel into the frame and it produces a clean line without drips (usually). I have to take the two screws out of the unger straight swivel lock and replace them with longer ones. Once I do that I can fit in the sorbo channel. It is pretty easy to use.

take a look at this video on youtube.

this guy is quick but he takes the wagtail off of his pole. Fanning with a unger straight swivel lock you never take it off of the pole. I can do windows straight down to the ground with it because my hands aren’t in front of me and I don’t have to keep the handle lower than my waist.

You could cut this guys time down at least 30% be not having to switch out tools and actions. He could have soaked it ALL at one time and then cleaned it ALL at the same time.

Check out the World Window Cleaning Challenge on You Tube and this will show you howfanning with a pole is done.

The Blue Ribbon range allows you to use whatever channel except Slayer and Sorbo