Fargo Window Cleaning Scene

Mild Spoiler Alert (Its not really a plot spoiler, but for people who don’t want an element of surprise taken away on the show).

If you have not seen the television show Fargo, do yourself a favor and watch it! It is by far the best show on tv right now, and the second season is crazy good!

The last episode, the opening scene is a a guy in a suit in his office talking with a couple at his desk. He’s in a high rise building near the top. There is a mob war going on in the show, but you have no idea who this guy is.

So then you see the window washers rise up to the window in his office in the background on a swing stage. They start washing the windows with a spray bottle and towels (I was thinking, 'damn, why do they always have spray bottles and towels on tv or movies).

The next thing you know the window cleaners bust out AK-47s and just start lighting up the 3 people in the office through the window. Turns out they were mobsters disguised as window cleaners, and this was a mob hit. The just stand there in front of the busted out window for a second and proceed to lower the stage down to the ground.

This was by far the coolest window cleaner scene in any show or movie I’ve seen. If you don’t end up watching the show, you should at least check that scene out!

Ak’s? Seriously? That’s the windex and paper towel of the gun world.

With all due respect to the movie Jackie Roberson (“when you absolutely positively got to kill every person in the room accept nothing less” ) mobsters gots to use a tommy.

In the modern age maybe an ar or one of the subcompacts…

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You know, this takes place in the 70’s, so I assumed the automatic rifles we’re Ak’s, but they may have been something else, I’m not an expert.

lol, I know, I’m just trying to start a gun war instead of a soap war. Thought it might be fun. In the 70’s the AR’s would have been cutting edge. They sucked compared to the AK’s but what you gonna do.

Fargo season one was great. Billy Bob Thorton played such a unique bad guy. Was hesitant to start season two because I was afraid it wouldn’t be as good. But I love me some windex scenes! I’ll check it out. :wink:

I think it might be better than S1.

I don’t watch TV, but I thought Fargo was a movie? Did they make a series out of it? I didn’t know there was so much to write about. Maybe it’s something like the 70’s Show I’m guessing… with AK’s and drops.

It’s in the same ‘world’ as the movie. But doesn’t have the Lundergards and all that.

New people, with subtle tie in’s to the movie.
For example: there was a really rich guy, who it turns out ‘found a briefcase filled with money’
(the one Steve Buscemi hid in the snow along that fence, at the end of the movie.)

Stuff like that.

Picture Fargo as it’s own universe where quirky characters have story lines similar in nature as the original movie/story. Actually, season one does have some tie-ins to the movie’s story but I won’t mention them here as they could be spoilers.

Oops. :o

In all fairness, he did say he doesn’t watch tv.
look at me, backpedal

Haha, I didn’t even see your post but ya, that was the main tie-in. :wink:

I don’t really watch TV. I’ll sometimes put on some netflix on my apple tv, watch some Bill Burr… catch a laugh. Otherwise I’m spending all of my time working and building my business. It’s like an obsession that no one understands. Most of my TV time is spent on this site, or youtube videos of lions beating up hyenas.

I watched Lions beating up Eagles today… does THAT count?!?

45-14 :cool:

Man. The day arrives when Lions can fly. I guess that counts, considering your hockey team has wings.

Pavel Datsyuk. I’ve wondered whether I’d rather be Gretzky or a window cleaning pro. I chose the latter given the first occupation was taken.

Ha. That made me smile.

I’m trying to gauge how old you are…

And since I see where you live, I’m assuming you are an Aves fan.
This year the Wings are playing the Aves in a “Stadium Series” game.

  • and the old players from the awesome rivalry are playing in the alumni game.

I’m so excited! :slight_smile:

I disagree I loved S1 watched it twice, S2 for me took 5 eps to get interesting imo

Do you listen to Bill Burrs podcast? That freckle faced bastard is funny. He’s got a animated series coming out on Netflix December 18th F is for Family.

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I loved season 1, but I already think season 2 is better. You should definitely check it out!

Upon watching that scene again with the window cleaners, they do have squeegees that they swipe against the dry window.

I watched the first 2 episodes of season 2 last night. Pretty good and the writing and acting is consistent with the original Fargo vibe…both movie and season 1. I’ll have to get in deeper before I declare which is the better season tho. :wink:

BTW, Fargo is in my top 5 movie pics of all time…maybe even #1 or a close tie with A Clockwork Orange.

I’m also constantly trying to figure out how old I am.

Not an Avalanche fan. More of a Kings fan growing up playing hockey in L.A. I don’t really watch them anymore, but watched most of the games back in the Gretzky, McSorley, Robitaille era.

I did a house the other day, and the family was so die hard about the Av’s, they got all quiet when I said I grew up watching the Kings.