Fast method using a wagtail & Pump sprayer

I realise there will be some who will be already aware of this method, but for those who are not, I thought I’d share a method that seems to work well.

Basically it is a combination of two ideas. Pre-spraying and one passing. I took John Germany’s idea of using a pump spray bottle, as I liked the idea of not having to dip my hands in a bucket during the cold winter months, and it has been working very well.

The wagtail whirlwind that I use is suppose to have two functions, either flip the pad, scrub, then squeegee, or simply do the window in one pass, with the pad below the squeegee.

I found that the one pass didn’t really work well if you were using a bucket as when one passing a dry window it was difficult to get complete soap coverage from the pad alone, and you tended to be left with dirty edges. However, since I ditched the bucket, and switched to pre-spraying the windows, which takes no time at all using a pump sprayer, I found you can very effectively one pass the window using the whirlwind, as there is already a nice even covering of soap all over the window. It’s so quick.

Obviously this would only work well with windows that are cleaned regularly and don’t get too dirty, and particularly well in the winter when there aren’t so many insect droppings around.

To illustrate what I mean, watch these two videos, which individually show the two techniques separately, pre-spraying, and one-passing.

Pre-Spraying: Pre washing with a sprayer - YouTube (this is not my video, I only posted the link to show what I meant by pre-spraying, everything after the pre-spray is not what I am talking about)

One passing: Wagtail Whilwind Window Cleaning Tutorial - YouTube

Ill get a new video done of the pre spraying… the pre spraying is to wet a window down … deliver clean water fresh water ! and most importantly !!! listen !!! it makes your washer glide across the glass and stop it getting soaped up dry .but this gliding makes your day go better … save energy and stress. those washers are more work than squeegeeing a window! so in effect it was made for A wagtail.

you need also a bottle of diluted solution . ie ecover + pure water to deliver a bit of extra water in your pouch … the key is not having too much soap and not too little . but an experienced window cleaner will automatically know when i he is in the zone !

Thanks for the tips. I have read many of your posts and appreciate you sharing your knowledge. The reference to your pre-spraying video was just really to demonstrate the first step of the process, namely the spraying part, the rest of the technique is different from your video, as they are for completely different types of window. Your video stated it was for cleaning very dirty windows, whereas the technique I was talking about here is for relatively clean windows that just need a quick wash, like store fronts, or residential houses that are cleaned on a monthly basis. I hope to do a video of my own to show exactly what I mean. Thank you for your response, and a HUGE thank you for pointing out the benefits of a pump sprayer :slight_smile: I also use Ecover. It’s fantastic

I’m really liking the idea of a pump sprayer. Which one are you guys using? Can you take a pic? how much does yours hold?

HYDROPONICS 2lt PRESSURE SPRAYER & SPRAY BOTTLE, GARDEN on eBay! This is similar to what I use. Mine is 3 Litres, which is on the large size. I am thinking of getting a smaller one, and getting a hammer holder, so I can attach it to my belt.

Hi Mosty … i very rarely spray a window down and then squeegee the water off and then w ash the window down again… only when a window severely dirty is .

i always use a sprayer to wet a window down… the pump sprayer i have delivers water really quick and lots of it . its very important to get the right sprayer… the one you use i feel may be not as good as mine. but if it does thats great…you dont want to pump 30 times and then get only minimal power and end up pumping like mad every two minutes…mine gushes water out in one second is the window sprayed down… by turning the nozzle to the right place.the water sprays out and delivers more water … EXPERIMENT WITH THE NOZZLE SETTING this is important other wise you or someone les who has a bought a sprayer might feel its is not worth it…

i just spray right down the middle in one big sweep …

not forgetting the sprayer delivers

  1. water very quickly
  2. water very evenly
  3. CLEAN WATER !!!
    4)helps greatly stopping applicator sleeve getting soapy and dry !!!
  4. helps the washer glide over the glass when scrubbing

for shops its not so important… but for wagtail use and residential 2-3 yearly its a great weapon… and like you said in tandem with a wagtail for monthly cleans its really good…

ime sure this system will kick off once people realise what benefits it has and through your video this will help greatly

Mosty get a video done please mate . videos are so interesting and really deliver information ten times better…

All the best John

Ps. any one putting soap in there sprayer must really keep it to a minimum . because too much soap makes the work harder and cleaning up is a pain especially on residential… i would rather add the soap from my bottle !

BUT!!! adding the right amount of soap to sprayer and then spraying the glass might be the best way… it will save you time taking the bottle out and glide will be increased when scrubbing !!!

i use a cheap trigger sprayer with a clear 300ml drink bottle as the reservoir but its mostly for use only in summer or indoors . all my team have this sprayer fastened permanent to their belt on a short chrome chain.Its on permanent so it doesnt get left behind anywhere when working. unscrew the bottle to refill it. i keep looking online to find a good trigger spray that will last more than a few months of being banged around on the hip , so far no result . i notice a tough looking sprayer is used in KFC but i dont know the counter staff well enough to get them to swipe me one !

I totally agree with the above points. I did have to experiment with the nozzle a lot to get the right balance between mist and jet, it’s great once you get it right :slight_smile: the even distribution of water on the glass is one of the reason’s it work’s so well with the one pass method. I’m going to get my wife’s video camera charged up to make a short video, hopefully within the next few days :wink:

I would like to get a smaller spray bottle, which one would you recommend?


that is by far the stupidest thing I have seen… why all those steps?
if you didn’t use wagtail you wouldn’t have that problem.

that is by far the stupidest thing I have seen… why all those steps?
if you didn’t use wagtail you wouldn’t have that problem.

that is by far the stupidest thing I have seen… why all those steps?
if you didn’t use wagtail you wouldn’t have that problem.

that is by far the stupidest thing I have seen… why all those steps?
if you didn’t use wagtail you wouldn’t have that problem.

that is by far the stupidest thing I have seen… why all those steps?
if you didn’t use wagtail you wouldn’t have that problem.

Finally! Thought I was the only one using one. Even have sprayer head quick connects on WFP carts just in case I need it. I always use the sprayer to pre spray all the gunk off ledges, sills, and large debris off glass. Use my choice of solution or pure water. I use it to apply and follow with mop. Eliminates the need for a bucket to lug around and always refilling squeeze bottles. Great for going around on full and blowing out the gunk from sills before mop and squeegee. This works great if you know you have spots or windows needing your “special sauce” applied first to soak. I don’t use a wagtail, yet. The sprayer comes in handy if you are always cleaning the glass. Sometimes all you need is a quick spray and fan off.
It’s a technique but works for my situation.

I have a bunch of different sprayers and I use them all the time like you do. [MENTION=885]peterpetersnbg[/MENTION] got me hooked and I thank him.

If using a spray bottle the Zep bottle has a good powerful spray. I am modifying my Unger bottle on a belt thing so it would actually work. Hose too small and pump is worthless. Not powerful enough to draw the liquid thru the small dia hose and give a good spray. Going for surgical tubing , widen hole and make extension piece to cap where spray trigger attaches. Maybe should just get the Hudson fanny pack sprayer.
Whats nice if using a sprayer. Most heads fit almost every bottle and I look for tall thin ones to fit pouch in belt. Look at water/juice/soda bottles. Unique shapes. For more water pre-clean get a simple garden sprayer and put a sling strap on it.