Fav washer sleeve?

So this is the time of year where I usually start getting my supplies. I always think about trying new washer sleeves, but this year, rather than do the usual thing of buying a couple samples I figured I’d check with folks here as to what they like and why.
I’ll go first. I’m partial to those ungar sleeves with one side microfiber and the other side a green scrubbing material. More often than not the scrub side gets at the stuff that straight microfiber can’t.

I personally like the wool sleeves that Ettore used to make. They are unfortunatly discontinued due to their supplier going out of business. I was very thankfull to Ettore for finding me a few that were left over and sending me some recently. Thank You Chris from Ettore.

So many variables and different applications for different situations it’s hard to answer.

But for a short answer, a standard monsoon is still the best all around sleeve. Great water retention, scrubbing power is fine, and they last a decent amount of time. If a window needs more scrubbing I don’t opt for a different sleeve anymore, I’ll use an abrasive pad which works a hell of a lot better than sleeves with a tad bit more scrubbing power. They still produce subpar results and you’ll find yourself wasting time trying to scrub with it. Not to mention the water retention in these sleeves are meh.


I have several of the Pulex micro tiger sleeves that came with the starter kits here in the WCR store. I also have an Ettore microfiber that I bought at a janitorial supply store near my house when I needed one right away and didn’t have time to mail order. I like both of them. They hold water well and have good scrubbing power. I have almost all unger products so I want to try some unger sleeves, but I haven’t needed to replace any yet. I’ll be watching this thread for other opinions.

I’m not sure what exact scrubbers I use but one is yellow & white the other is white with red stripes. Anyway I think many cleaners overlook this initial step. When I scrub the glass when I first put the scrubber on the glass I slap it on the glass to flatten the scrubber gives a flatter edge and increases scrubbing power. Not sure if it really makes a huge difference but that’s what a vet thought me and I still do it.

Pulex MicroTiger, followed by Unger Microfiber.

doesn’t slapping make a bit of a mess. And, as soon as you start scrubbing, isn’t the flatter edge negated.

Outsides I use more water so yes but very little if any. Indoors no mess because I can shake my scrubber and it won’t drip.

You know, I’m not sure? The flatter edge will always be on the glass until or if I spin it and use the other side. Which I usually only do on large panes.

Check out Herman’s flat scrubber bar, you have 2-3 red stripes on the glass. I like it, give it a try.

Everyones favorite sleeve at my company is the red/white striped microtiger by pulex. It holds a good amount of water and scrubs very well. ( I likem cause there cheap too!)

We can get a solid 250+ homes out of one of these before it goes to crap. My second favorite is the white sleeve with the blue scrub pad, also made by PUlex. I love the scrub pad, but the scrubber fiber wheres out before the blue pad does and and loses water retention fairly quick. (50-60 homes).

The sleeve that gives us a good combo of water retention and durability are the Ettores. Although not the most agressive scrubers , (I’ve not tried them all) they are rock solid. Im not sure why these last so long, but I still have the first three I purchased when I was solo my first year. They are still in the rotation and still hold water very well.

I really like the new unger ninja. Odd as it sounds its because the scrubber is on both ends. I don’t have to stop and look that the sleeve to see which end its on. Saves me a couple of seconds a day, lol.

I like the ettore pro plus microfiber. Only drawback is weight.

I was really into the Pulex Microtiger for awhile, but they seem to flatten out way too quickly now and the scrubbing power is lost.
So, my latest mainstays are the Pulex Microfiber for outsides and the Unger white and green (abrasive on the green side) for insides and often outside.

Pulex MicroTiger

I prefer the micro tiger for outside of windows and for the insides I use my ettore microfiber because it retains more water. On my restaurants I’m pretty much always using the micro tiger inside and out. Seems to work best against finger prints and grease. Although id like to order the monsoon and give it a try on the next order coming up.

syr tiger. it looks very ordinary but after washed a couple of times the strands of the fibre become like scrimcloth,have a roughness that makes them scrub exceedingly well. they are blue n white

Sörbo Abrasive yellow ( one side has white abrasive strip-similar to those square scrub pads )… because its the lightest of washers and when worn in the scrub pad along one side really is great because i do 99% once twice yearly so its often the scrub pad or the angled scraper also from sörbo ( brilliant )