Federal Suppliers Guide?

Does anyone have experience with this. I been getting many call’s from a few different companies asking me to adverticse in the Federal Supplier’s Guide. This is supposely where the Govt. Offices and so forth call to get suppliers.

Cost- $600.00 a year

any info??


Sorry, I have no experience with them. I’m sure you checked out their website at http://www.federalsuppliers.com/ . They say that 23% of all business the government does has to be with small business. I guess the questions I would try to find out is: How often do government buildings get their windows cleaned? How many buildings are in your area? I know it’s not much, just my .02.

I currently do the FBI Building in New Orleans, they called me out of the phone book. Could be because no window cleaners in the Guide? I dont know. I’ll ck it out further and get back to ya’ll.


Another source is the website Fedbizopps.gov. The only thing is they only list jobs over $25,000.00. that rules out most wc jobs. However, they post the winners of the janitorial contracts, giving you subcontracting opportunities. Don’t pay someone to find Fed jobs, you can do it yourself using the same sources they do.

Don’t do it. I won’t say it’s a rip off but the fact is there are many guidelines that have to be followed in order for you to even submit a proposal. I did not look over that website but what I can tell you from my experience with the government (10 years), they are “REQUIRED!” when hiring a contractor to look over a list of approved contractors. If they can not find a contractor on that list, they can then move to the public sector. If you go to fedbiz.gov you can get all the info you need to try an get government contracts. You will need to register your business with the CCR (Central Contrator registration) you will also need a DUNS number. With out those two things in place you will NEVER win a contract. BTW those two things I mentioned are FREE and they are the places purchasing officials and contract managers will go to in order to look you up.
With that said, a government office can contact you from the phone book, internet, business card, etc. If your company has what they need they can have you do the work without opening up the bid to the public. The contracts I have with the government have been awarded because I knew their system. I knew the people I needed to talk with in order to keep the contracts financially under the requirements for open public bidding.

You should not pay to list your business for any government contract bidding. Now there are companys out there who will help you navigate the nightmare of even getting the info to the right people. That’s a service that is not in bed with the government. It’s just a guys business and not an official government office. Hope this helps.



This is for your local in Louisiana. Keep in mind, state, county and town bidding is differant then fed. Much more different. It’s been my experience that state and local government contracts are (SOMETIMES) handshake back office deals. My local county never advertised it’s window cleaning contract was open for bids. I found out after it was awarded. It was only then when I found out what their schedule is for when the contract will be open.

WoW! Thanks for all the info. I appreciate it, and will ck everything out.