Feeling stuck with store fronts / commercials

Hello everyone hope you all having a great year so far.
I am new to this profession i have actually just started my company close to a year now and this is where im feeling stuck now. I had a few good months with residentials because of alot of me marketing and passing door hangers which it definitly paid off. Also i have built a small route that I am trying to expend. I would like to be able to contact this francises in my city like fast food restaurants and other stores but i have no idea how to get in contact with the right person? also theres a few new restaurants that are being build right now and i would like to see if you can shine some light on how and who can i talk to on the work site to either put in a bid or how can I offer my services to do their windows on the regular base once the project is completed. any help would be greatly appriciated! thank you so much.

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I recommend going to the job sites and asking to talk to the General Contractor or their onsite representative. They might be able to get you the owners or property manager’s contact info, they probably won’t be as protective with that info as the regular restaurant employees. Also it is always a good idea to meet people in the construction trades, networking is free advertising and they appreciate you giving them referrals too.

thanks for the response!

Dont send email, or call them. Best way is, just walk in and ask them.
If your going to resturants, go there early before all customers get there.
The same with stores etc.
Keep IT simple, just “do u have a window cleaner?”
"Im giving u a price right know"
Works for me

Ask your storefront owners if they’d like their home done. Almost all of my residential is from store/restaurant work. I do mainly restaurants, and they are great resources. High end storefronts such as jewelry stores are good. So are expensive hair salons.

Think in terms of who knows a lot of people with decent money…

I’ve yet to flyer or use door hangers. Last week, I got lawn signs. I have weird ways of marketing, but somehow, it’s working.

Oh! Here’s a big one. If someone asks you for a card while doing storefront, don’t just give them a card! Introduce yourself and ask their name. Make small talk you may have in common with them succinctly, and ask for their address for a free on-site estimate. Ask them when it’s best to stop by when they are home, as you’ll land more jobs when you talk to them in person after you add everything up. Naturally, you’ll ask for their number before telling them it was a pleasure speaking with them. Then they tell their friends and neighbors.

I have tripled my residential jobs over my storefronts by just doing the above…

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Good post and some solid advice.

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Chains usually have a District Manager (DM) who is either the decision maker or is in communication with the decision maker. Meeting them in person is the best but phone is next best. They can hear your voice and get a better sense of you.

Walking in in person is good advice. Card with price.

Most Burger Kings are franchise and will do payouts. The General Manager may be able to make hiring decisions.

Wendy’s are corporate but are in the process of selling to franchises. The corporates in my area aren’t hiring WC but i was doing 21 franchises every other week. And the franchises get billed but pay within 2weeks.

Starbucks are difficult to get. Lots of run around despite all of them having utterly filthy windows.

Once you get one, you may get others as GMs get transferred and other GMs ask around fellow managers for a WC.

But in short, for chains - DM, DM, DM.