Fiberglass slivers

Does anyone else ever get a stinging sensation from a fiberglass mop handle? At least I think the mop handle is fiberglass. I can’t see it, but I know it’s there. It’s like something is poking me, like a sliver. Know what I mean, Vern?

It helps to sand down the mopstick, but it eventually comes back.

Is there anyone else that has this problem, or is this just in my head?!!

If you do get a fiberglass sliver, here are some remedies I just found…
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I don’t use a mop as I’m a window cleaner. I do own a WFP that is fiber and I can see that happening. Why not tape up the entire mop handle?

Yes, I have had slivers from mop handles. I wrap them with grip tape, or I wear gloves when mopping.

Tape will work great new, but gets messy after a while.
I’ve never gotten slivers from my wfp, just the mop.
There are times when I need to use both. A couple weeks ago I knew it was going to freeze that night, and I finished late. I mopped up the area the best I could, so my friends wouldn’t have to throw deicer in the morning.

My wfp’s are hybrid or better. If I ever do get a sliver from my poles, I may consider gloves, but it would be too hot on a warm day, my palms sweat too easy.
Thank you for your input, Juggernaut.

What is grip tape? Sounds interesting! Who makes it, 3M?
Thank you,

My wife swears she gets fiberglass slivers every time she uses the Mr. Longarm Procurve Pole. Now she wears gloves.