Fill Yo Cart Round 2!

<center>[SIZE=“2”]Yes it is back. This week we’re doing Fill Yo Cart Giveaway Round 2!

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Hurry up and get your list on!!

uhh you guys are cool.:slight_smile:

this is awesome mine is in :smiley:

Clearly I’m doing something wrong. It will not let me email it to anyone. Keeps asking me to put a name in the TO: column. Which i’ve done over and over again. Any ideas?

I hope I did it right…I put everything in the wishlist shopping cart…then at the bottom, it says “share” with someone…and then it promps you to a screen to put an email in…and put alexs email in and send.

I did the same thing and now it says “could not send message”. I’ll keep on it.

Got mine in too.

Very strange, they are rolling in if it continues to give you problems. You can email me what yo wish Doug.

Stephanie took care of it for me. Not sure what the deal is. Sent it in like 20 times. Would not go through. Thanks though.

Thanks Chris and Alex sent my wish list in without any problems.

Done & done! Thanks guys!:smiley:

i dont know how you can tell if it made it or not. but mines sent to
hope it works

Filll Yo Cart Sucka… i feel like Mr. T is saying it

Fill Yo Cart Round 2 winner is Kyle Jensen.

Congrats Kyle!

Keep your eyes open for your goodies.

Good job Kyle. Dang it now I got buy stuff.:slight_smile:

Are you sure it wasnt me? :smiley:

Congrats Kyle

Pretty cool Kyle, to win.

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ohhh man! Now way! this is gonna be saweet! thanks guys