Finally got some signage!

I’m BEAMING! Just got our signs from If you need to go with magnetic signs as opposed to normal lettering or a wrap, I wouldn’t recommend any other site. They have super fast turn-around and free shipping over $99. I ordered these Wednesday, they shipped Thursday, and I got them this morning. They seem very high quality, and at a super reasonable price, too. I payed a total of $101.74 for two 2’x2’ signs, and two 1’x1’ signs. They have some really large sign options, as well.

I have no affiliation with their company; I was just so super impressed I had to tell you guys :wink:

You did it ALL wrong, Alex.


Looking good :slight_smile:

awesome set-up

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Your making Vermont proud! Looking good!

Nice looking setup! How does your Scion handle big ladders when driving? To me the vehicle style says “upscale, green, personal service” - a nice fit for the upper middle class resi market!

Rocking the wcr logo too! Nice.

Thanks, very well put- it fits our target demographic (and our company) perfectly.

It handles the ladders fine. It has a really long, flat roof line, so there’s plenty of room to strap down ladders securely. Only drawback is, the car is only ~13’ long, so ladders taller than 28’ need flags on the front and back. But I’d be comfortable carrying a 40 footer if the need arose. I’ve even toyed with the idea of adding a 3rd crossbeam to the rack, though it hasn’t become a necessity, by any means.

What kind of gas mileage do you get? Back seats all lay down - how much cargo area? Where did you get your ladder racks?

Avg 27-30 mpg. Back seats did lay down, but I removed them in favor of a plywood plank and an on-board wfp system. I think the rated cargo space with the seats folded down is 40+ cubic feet. Racks are Inno base racks from Wait for one of their 15% off sales.

Bottom line you got a slick setup…