Financial Projections for 2020?

If you were around during the 08 crash how much did your business suffer?

@Chris How did you come to the projections you did for the loss of business you’re expecting to have? If you share the specific ideas that helped you come to your conclusions, it may help the rest of us budget so we can know how much equipment we can buy.

Thanks guys!

Don’t buy u less you have the cash and can make it on the income you have


from what I just looked up: 50% loss in stock market in that overall ‘event’ of '08

interestingly this amount correlated to so many businesses I remember also noticing a 50% drop from the peak high’s to the new reality afterward

@Bruce, did you also see a 50% loss in most window cleaning business?

I’m predicting a 40% loss in revenue this year and will probably break even or lose $20-30k this year.

Unless this lasts for longer than 60 days. Could be out of business by summer if this holds up.

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What Ben Shapiro has been talking about with Doctors and what happened with the Spanish Flu was a a second wave, and that’s what apparently killed the most people with the spanish flu.

Shapiro is afraid that it may slow down as temps rise during summer, and make a come back in the fall.

If that happens a whole lot of businesses could be toast.

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much less, but 50% was a common number I heard over and over again

If that. We will hold on, but its gonna be a tight one.

Thanks for the response Bruce.

We’re starting strong and still goin strong as a whole. Our biz offers other services so we’re still busy thank God. Last year was a record and this years projections are looking like another record breaker!

I’m very surprised that we’re booking as usual our large spring jobs. Even out of the blue referrals are requesting services. Of course, with anything in this world, that could change tomorrow. Well, the sparrows are still finding enough to eat…

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