Fingerprints /smudges on tinted windows

What are you guys using for heavy fingerprints AND glue (from tape) on tinted windows. I have a restraunt that is the worst I’ve ever seen and elbow grease is killing me.


Is this an applied film?


I think a lot of guys would suggest Titan Oilflo but I don’t have any experience with it. @WVWindowWashing seems to like to suggest magic eraser.

For me, I always try to nip problems like that in the bud. Remove the source and the problem goes away. Talk to the customer and tell them not to put any more taped signs on the window. That’ll fix that problem. Is the tape adhisive in a noticiable place?

The fingerprints are another issuse and I think I’d agree with trying the magic eraser first. It may just take that stuff off real easy. Try it and see If the problem goes away.

Now is this a burger restaraunt? Have any pics?

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No pics… its a chain. Ironically, the slogan is that their food is “finger lick’n”.

Lol, just use a damp microfiber for fingerprints. You can use a magic eraser, but a damp microfiber will surprise you. Plus you can use it to wipe sills and soak up water.

As for tape, I leave it on the window. I’m not going to spend time trying to get it off without damage. If they want me to remove it, I’ll ask them if they want me to remove the tint because tape damages the tint.