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Are overseas people able to win?

I got into window cleaning after cleaning windows working as a glazier and developed a passion for it, more rewarding cleaning it rather than putting it in

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How did I get into cleaning windows?
I was forced into it.

In 2004, as a newlywed (today is our 18th anniversary by the way), we found ourselves moving to Mexico from Chino California where I was working as a roofer (as a skilled laborer).

When we moved to Mexico, a friend of ours told me about a company he worked for who did maid services and also had about 5 window cleaners who went and maintained model homes on new residential construction sites for the major local builders.

He told me it paid 15 an hour to start and tops off at 35. I was in like flynn.

Worked my way up the ladder easily because the youngsters there were lazy and late.

Until the recession hit in I think 2005?

She no longer had work for me so had to go out on my own.

It used to rain allot in those years, even thru July sometimes. So residential was really hard to get for me. So I marketed mainly for a commercial audience.

Fast forward, and here I am.


Got into window cleaning after my parents sold there business .
My best friend was working for a window cleaning company and he said come and try it out .
Loved it and have been with the same company for 30 years now .

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In 2014, I left my career at the Home Depot, moving out of market, and opted to work for a friend who owns a successful window cleaning business, vs taking a job with the city.

Thank God. There’s so much freedom in window cleaning as a solo op.

When I graduated High School in 2006, I moved to the other side of the US to work for my uncle who taught me how to do trade window cleaning. I loved cleaning those big, beautiful homes in the Rocky Mountains.

I’ve been cleaning windows ever since in one way or another, and always learning something new wherever I go!

I’m in the process of preparing for a business.
I accidentally discovered people’s needs in my daily life, and I am positively judging the window cleaning market and putting it into practice.

I got started out by watching Steveo and Luke videos and was quitting my job to go full time on my own.

2008 the economy ( and high end restaurant industry that I was in) crapped the bed.

Started a new job as GM at a dead restaurant. Not a single person walked in on my first day, and I was expected to fix that.

Shortly before our “lunch time”, I looked out the window, bored. After about 30 seconds of staring out the window, I left, went to Home Depot and spent my last $100 on window cleaning tools.

12 years later, here I am :slight_smile:


How did I get into Window Cleaning?

I am tired of working for other people. One evening scrolling through Instagram I came across SteveO’s page. From there I went to YouTube and started watching his videos. I came across WCR and I joined all the groups and forum. I purchased a set of squeegees, strip washer, towels, solutions and began cleaning my house. I cleaned all the windows at my house every day for about a week and I knew I had found my passion.

During dinner one night I talked to my wife and MIL about starting a window cleaning business. My MIL gave me some startup money and I was able to buy the Xero Screen Washer and more gear. I finally launched my business (I still have a full-time job) and the response has been amazing. I have been scheduling jobs around my full-time job (evenings, weekends) and I believe in a couple of months I’ll be able to do this full time.

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I got started in window cleaning because I wanted to hike long trails. I started doing windows to supplement my (at the time) current income so I could save up and make an attempt to thru hike the Pacific Crest Trail in 2011. I got real busy, I mean reeeeeal busy with windows. Next thing I know, I was booking out the whole year doing resi. & storefront windows with zero time for any hiking and certainly no time for a five month hike from Mexico to Canada. Bummed about that still, but do get out for shorter trips from time to time. Couldnt be happier now though. Over the years I’ve fine tuned my one-man operation into a residential only service with a booked calendar that allows me 10 weeks/year off for hiking trips. Plus, I have a great business now that I can work by myself, for myself and provide for my family. Squeegees are pretty cool!:+1::sunglasses:

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Worked offshore for 12 years and had a random medical condition show up and had to retire from offshore work. I had a friend who pressure washes and cleans windows and thought me both WFP and trad. Since then I own my own business and really enjoy window cleaning.