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I always prefer traditional on the inside. It doesn’t make as much of a mess.
On the outside I prefer wfp. It’s much faster unless the glass is super hydro-phobic
or needs to be scraped. Much easier to clean frames with a wfp tool.

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I prefer traditional for the accessibility and lower cost of entry. There is also an intangible satisfaction from working with quality hand tools that connects me to a legacy of past window cleaners.

I like both. WFP saves time on larger jobs with high stuff. Trad can make for relaxing work days. Both are satisfying in their own ways.

been cleaning windows for 30 years traditional , but in the last few years really enjoy cleaning buildings and houses WFP .

I cut my teeth with Trad, like most others. But, there’s something about using the WFP that had its own art to it.

For ease and fun, WFP.
For my perfectionist side, Trad.

I like both. I’ve just recently got into WFP so it’s exciting and new lol

I like both and have found not all residential needs to be WFP. I am self taught and traditional is something I practiced over and over and over until I knew I could do it well without a doubt.

I’m just starting and have not tried wfp. But it seems easy enough and if i take this a little more serious then it will be something I look at down the road.

Waterfed when I can, but if I’m messing with screens or it’s a first time cleaning I prefer traditional.

I was fortunate enough to have a friend sell me his used extra Tucker 3 stage system and generously used 30’ Xero pole for $900. Since then I bought a second newer Xero pro basic 50’. I WFP as much as I can, to the point that I scrap with pure water spraying on the window. My company mostly soft washes and pressure washes but some days I’d rather just clean windows. WFP outside / traditional inside unless the outside has few windows. Sometimes I wish I could just WFP the inside windows as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say I like trad best overall. Just so many aspects of it like the instant gratification and pride of that clean window when completed, also using different tools when I feel like adding variety to the routine. However I will never say that I do not like my WFP for the speed and ability to stay on the ground either. Heck I just like it all I guess

Trad, is higher quality and what I’ve always done. Can see where wfp would be an advantage though in certain situations.

Waterfed hands down, once you find the right tools and learn to use it properly it’s a game changer!

Traditional. It’s cool to be able to knock out a job really quick with a wfp, but I literally love using a mop and squeegee, and pushing myself to be faster and more efficient and KNOWING the job is done right. It can take a bit longer depending on the situation but I really don’t care.

I’m a third generation window cleaner I’m still young but I know there always room for improvement when it come to traditional/trad vs water fed pole/wfp I think trad is best for most window cleaning especially because you can do more detail work and the customer in more appreciative but wfp is great to especially for speed in some areas and safety in other but I really think it depends on the size of the business to sometimes it’s not worth pulling out the wfp for a small business but all in all I think it’s essential to have both it’s just up to each individual how and when they should use which

I’ll stick with the traditional.

I got trained on WFP when I first started for another company. But I went out Solo this year and can’t afford one just yet.
As much as I love Trad cleaning, I’m working on a big job now and man I wish we had one :joy:

Trad all day. Windows here are baked and the nose to glass method saves time over using a wfp and wondering if you got the excess off.

I have a WFP but rarely use it, preferring trad. To me [strange as this sounds] cleaning windows is relaxing. WFP just doesn’t give me the same enjoyment or satisfaction that trad does.