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Make sure I get all my customers taken care of before I start working for a buddy who owns a painting business.

Remove everything from my van. Clean. Sort through equipment.

I’m just getting into it so I’ll let you know in a week or so

There is no off season in California .
Only time we off is when it rains .

Take all my holiday lighting sets down, and route work.

No off season down south. Business as usual year round.

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Almost all our business is word of mouth during busy season… But for slow months, we start thinking about advertising ideas. Once we know we’ve saved enough for covering expenses during the slow months, we start looking into vacation options for those months and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Just winterized the Ro system, got some good gloves and gonna try to stay warm up here in MN.

Look over client list and current pricing models. Review job notes. Inventory tools. Clean out storage unit !!

Holiday lighting for now and spend some time at the dunes.

Just getting started… what downtime?

Try to get more route work, residential is kinda slim pickings in upstate NY during the winter months

I plan to perform maintenance on my gear, come up with a updated to-do list, and begin working on marketing materials for next season. I plan to work rain,sleet, or whatever Texas throws at me…

Just getting started in cold Cleveland, so I suppose this is a pre season for me. Connecting with pros, asking questions, ordering a bunch of equipment for you all.

Where I live in California there’s isn’t much off season.
Where I use to leave a decade ago in Reno, NV. There is tons of off season as the snow just demolished everything in sight for about 2-3 months a year.

My suggestion would be to name your company as a an Umbrella of services, this way during off seasons, you may be down on window cleaning services for a good 2-3 months , but if you made your company an umbrella of services that inclusive of general exterior services and even indoor services such as indoor cleaning or painting, then you’re alternative services will be ready for you to market.
It’s service that sells so finding what people NEED done (that they can’t or simply don’t want to do them selves) in an off season are going to be the services you’ll find that employ you through an off season in your area. Rain gutter cleaning is a great way to sell assurance that when the rain and snow passes, that they’re home will be safe from any vulnerabilities such as roof rot. It’s also a great way to find other suggestive service add ons that the client may need.

Get money. :innocent: :alien:

Update schedule. Raise prices. Relax a bit

I’m new to window cleaning and it’s my first “off season” so I’ve been just trying to work as much as possible and save as much as possible. Hit up the Amazon flex app too haha

My small business is just getting going. Fortunately the weather in southern Illinois has been holding out. So far so good.

Clean my van and equipment and look forward to resting, abit.