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Do you offer add-on services? Yes.

What do you offer? Screen repair, occasional shower door hard water removal.

Which add-on services would you never want to do? Weekly/regular home cleaning, especially BRVO or rental cleaning; anchor on your leg schedule wise. Juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

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Just started a month ago on storefront. Not sure how this is viewed as an add on but I offer a cleanup kind of service. Bring out a cobweb duster and broom, if the mailboxes on the outside have buildup I wipe it off. Little stuff like that.Helps with the salons I picked up. Not sure exactly what I would not offer cause I have not gotten that far yet. Do like storefront so far.

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Chandelier, light fixtures, mirrors stuff like that is really only add ons I offer. Will do other random stuff if asked, usually involving a ladder.

Just starting yes will offer screen repair and also high ceiling dusting will never offer gutter cleaning

I am just starting so these would be a great addition.

We offer power washing and awning cleaning with our window cleaning.

Add on service would never offer gutter cleaning not really popular in California

Currently I don’t offer any other services since I just started my own business this past August. I would like to add gutter cleaning and snow removal eventually for the winter months.

Just gutter cleaning. I suppose the “while your up there” too, which has a price, if I feel like doing it.

Nothing on the never list that I can think of at the moment.

I wouldn’t add on Chandler cleaning & Gutter clean outs

Add on services ?.. Overhead fan dusting, HW removal in showers, replacing batteries in smoke detectors 15’ up. I won’t do gutter cleaning or Pressure washing.

I am offering screen repair and pressure washing. Been doing pretty good with screen repair here in Hawaii near the coast.

Add-ons for me : Gutter Cleanout mainly… hate it though.

Want to be able to offer Soft-wash by the Spring Fling.

I’ve offered gutter clean out, house wash, gutter whitening, and office cleaning I like to mix it up but I’ve done house cleaning not a fan I would like to offer screen repair though

Add on:
We love adding screen repair. Occasionally hard water removal.

Won’t do: I have turned down chandelier cleaning every time.

Yes we offer pressure washing, gutter cleaning, screen repair, Christmas light Installation and snow removal.

We are considering a truckmount UV cleaner for onsite blind leaning but I really don’t think I want to.

Yes I do. I offer solar panel Cleaning and carpet and tile cleaning. I wouldn’t want to do screens

Hey this is a really wide mix of services. Do you think you’ll narrow down the offerings when you get to a certain point?

Not being critical, just wondering.

I like doing different things (windows, gutters, landscaping) too. Keeps the job interesting.

Do you offer add-on services? Sure.
What do you offer? Window cleaning, screen wash, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, high dusting.
Which add-on services would you never want to do? Gutter cleaning, even though I already do it sometimes. Its so gross and so much higher than windows.

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Ya I probably will if I start to get overwhelmed but I like to mix it up cleaning windows gets old quick
What id like to do down the road is window cleaning a couple days a week and make money do a few in and odd things the rest of the week