Fire glass - No foam

Hey guys!
We’re now doing a construction job and I really hate some of the windows.
They are a kind of fire safety glass (but looks like ordinary glass) with a special invisible coating on the inside.
There’s a lot of silicone on them and we use magic eraser.
But on the inside there’s no foam from the soap even if you put a lot of it on the mop and when you try to fan you get smears from the squeegee. Like siliconesmear or something like that.
The outsides fine, there it works like ordinary windows - foamy, but the insides are so annoying. Hate them. We started to do straight pulls but still get problems with smears. When the sun shines on the windows it looks like a newbie had tried his first windows.
Have you experienced something like that? Any suggestions?


This is the second post I have read on fire glass. Sounds horrible. I feel for you.

When in doubt, call the manufacturer of the window for the best approach for cleaning.

True. I talked today with the head sales man for the country - he had never heard about this problem. He thought it was to clean it like ordinary windows. He though got interested in our problem and he would ask around if any else has noticed this.
But it doesn’t help us now to clean this windows.
I’ve read articles about that more and more of the new buildings has this kind of glass - fire resistant :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks buddy!
Got a link to that thread?