Fired my new guy today

This one lasted a whole 3 weeks lol. The last guy I had who was the best I ever had. Just up and stopped showing up. Anyway, today I’m 30ft up on a ladder doing a gutter, last job of the day. I look down and my guy is TEXTING!!!. I yell out, HEY! PUT THE PHONE IN YOUR POCKET NOW!!. I have spoken with this kid at least 4 times about this, not to mention he smokes too much and drags ass. 2 hour jobs are taking 3. I figured it was a learning curve. But anyway we get back in the truck and I was driving home. I just figured it was enough. We got home, I paid him for the week and told him I was not going to be able to use his help anymore. He asked me if it was about the text message. And I told him, that was one of the reasons. When he asked what the other reasons where I told him. He asked for a 2nd chance and I said I could not risk that. He called me an asshole and left. I wanted to stomp his face, but figured easier to just let him go home and lick his wounds. This is my 2nd guy this season. Man what is with these early-20’s guys? I think I pay them well for not having any experience. $13 per hour. I keep the guy busy, 4 days out of the week on average. This month was like pulling teeth to be booked, but I got the month fulled and 1/2 of next month. But still these guys just don’t have a drive to get the job done right and fast. Man by the time I retire I am going to be a master at firing people lol. :eek:

What about these employees led you to decide to hire them in the first place?

Better to be the master at hiring.

Same deal with me man, 1st guy was great, but long story short he had to move on. next guy, good for two weeks, stopped showing up. 3rd guy, was OK, but really slow, and demanded $20/hour, ha maybe if he was faster and did a better job.

I am back to myself doing all the work for now, for me, I think the answer is going to be a better interview process, and better explaining exactly what is is expected from the employee right off the bat.

The only point I would disagree with you on is your assumption about age. I just turned 24 and was minorly offended by that statement. I know just as many “old” people that are lazy and suck as I do younger 20-somethings that are the same way. I understand your frustration though. Makes me wonder how Chris and Alex (young guys by the way) do it when they have like 50 cleaners at one time!

“The only point I would disagree with you on is your assumption about age. I just turned 24 and was minorly offended by that statement. I know just as many “old” people that are lazy and suck as I do younger 20-somethings that are the same way. I understand your frustration though. Makes me wonder how Chris and Alex (young guys by the way) do it when they have like 50 cleaners at one time!

Now in here, are some great nuggets.
I am looking to get someone else to screen and possibly hire my people as well.

What do Chris and Alex do? That is a great question and scenario.
(ps. sorry but I feel mostly that way about 20 somethings as well, until I remember that the good ones, are already working for someone else. So I am stuck with the dregs in the coffee pot…) Ya had an old guy work for me thought I was smart, till the 10 time in that hour he wanted a smoke break. He stated smokers have rights too!!! I almost fell over laughing, then wanted to kick his wrinkly ass all over the place. :mad:

The first guy was interviewed and I took him over 3 others, 1 guy with experience. He was great, cleaned fast and never had streaks or spots. Took me like 1 day to train the guy. I could prob sent him on his own after 1 week. But he just flaked out, with a BS “I am sick” and then never showed back up after a few days. The 2nd guy I let go today, came recommened. I was in a bind with a couple of large jobs that needed to get done because I needed to reschedule them in the past. So I did not want to lose those jobs. At the start I figured I just needed the guy to hold the ladder and clean, screens, storms etc. How hard can that be. He was working well the 1st week and asked when he could “Start cleaning windows”? So I figured I would train him. Trained him last week and he was dragging ass. But like I said I figured it was just a learning curve. But it was the ladder thing that set me off. I fell off the ladder twice last year so I am very picky now that if for nothing else I want the person holding my ladder to be stairing at my ass the entire time. If I look like I am reaching to far or something seems wrong. I want the guy ready 100%. I don’t want to fall again. So that was my mistake for taking him as a recommendation. But now my season is manageble by myself and I will be looking to hire and hire hard. Larry do you have or have you had a helper? How do you go about your hiring process. What are some of the questions you ask your potentials?

I did not mean to offend you. It’s just me feeling old. I know there are some good young guys out there. Heck my first guy had me thinking he was 1 in a million. And not just with age but in his work habits. I have met some older guys I would never let work for me as you are correct they are lazy. It’s all on the person I guess. I’m thinking I might try the other end of the age spectrum. But I need a guy who I know 100% can handle the fiberglass ladder, taking it on and off the truck. I find someone and figure something out.

BTW Doug can you give me some beat box? lol

I figure there are a lot of 20 somethings out there. They can’t all be taken lol. Well maybe, this is an old person town. :slight_smile:

I work alone.

In another career, I had 60 employees in 10 states and Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Employee management and development is an important full-time job.

Typical questions should relate to your company’s values, and should focus on their work ethic, decision-making skills, and ability to follow policies and procedures. You need to be prepared with specific questions where the candidate can relate a past success, reaction, decision, etc.

I made a couple mistakes in hiring; I fixed several mistakes in the hiring of employees I inherited. Don’t rush the process. Most employee-related failures are the result of poor hiring and management. It’s probably not the employee’s fault if the recommendation was good, if you know what I mean.

I would like to hear peoples advice on this aswell.

I remember watching a WCR Nation, where Chris talked a little about interviewing, I think he said something about what a pain in the ass it is.

because of course the one being interviewed is gonna try and make themselves sound like they are the best employee ever.

This is why i choose to be a one man show, no babysitting at Star Brite

I know Jeff Klass (among others) doesn’t babysit his employees – he did a great job in hiring.

All i will say is…easier said then done. I have 4 employee’s now 2 full time & 2 part timers,as mentioned the hiring process is crucial, from the initial interview to the actual going out and learning your company’s particular MO (method of operation)

I spend a minimum of 1 month (4 weeks) with new hires “Hands On” to insure they have dealt with almost every scenario possible plus…it’s gets them accustomed to the route(s) and familiar with some clients etc.After that my leadmen have the task of showing & teaching if…an occasion arises that was not covered initially.

As for breaks,smoking,lunches etc. that should all be laid out from the onslaught of hiring them so everyone’s on the same page,to rid any confusion.

Hire hard & manage easy Baby;) It also helps to have an “Opened Door” policy so in the event any tension,animosity arises it can be handled in a professional yet…civil manner. Training yourself to be able to listen is vital alot can be learned & solved by this practice.

Every business owner babysits, or should i say looks over there employee’s…

Some of us have life goals that require greater income and time freedom greater than what can be made by a one man show.

Yes I do agree Craig listening is key. I heard about the cancer you had to cut from your company.

Yeah, but how much money do you really want to make in one year? I can tell you this, When you get bigger, you will be working more hours and losing more customers, its just a proven fact, most employee’s could care less about your clients.

You should ask Troy Liposec, he is a one man show as well.

Ps: i only work 5 hours per day and make six figures a year…

Yeah…listening is vital & yes…the gentleman i had to fire was my “top producer” guy could FLY…i mean he would shame most!

The fact of the matter was i handled things in a professional manner,even before things went haywire between him & myself. Bottom line was he got too big for his britches and thought he was irreplaceable.

Had to make an example of him to my other guys otherwise…they would eventually think they could do & say whatever they chose…not happening!

Like a malignant cancer if not removed could have jeopardized my company. We went round & round over unemployment benefits too the original denial form the case worker,then a phone conference with an Admin. Law Judge which he was denied again & finally a 3 person panel to examine all the evidence which produced a “Final Denial” of benefits.

You must document everything which is why my case against him was so solid otherwise he could have won and drained 90 % of my Unemployment reserve acct. He was paid very handsomely as you could imagine.

The trouble with the one man system is the health & freedom issue. When you ain’t working you aren’t earning.
Personally I work solo, but its a dangerous place to be.

Could or couldn’t care less? I sound like larry!

Please provide a source for this fact.
What you said is only true if you have poor employees, or poor hiring/training/management skills, and this thread is about how to insure you are hiring quality employees (they DO EXIST my friend)

But isnt going into business for yourself risky anyways?

Hi Doug, nice name by the way…

Just call any window cleaning corporation and ask them, do you know how much business i have received from all of these small to large companies that have employees? tons my friend.

a gentleman from my church owns, a large windows cleaning biz, what do you want me to ask him? If he loses a lot of customers to small guys like us?
I’m sure he does, but his company still brings in well over a mil per year, and he works very very little anymore, and certainly not physical labor.
I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, I just have different goals than you apparently.

Sounds like you are the perfect example of what a one man show is capable of though. Keep it up!