First car dealership, need some advice

So i was asked to give an estimate on a dealership. This is the first dealership i have ever done so i have a few questions. First, does anyone have a suggestion on how to clean the window on the front of this building? There are pictures attached below. There is some type of grid that is just a few inches away from the glass. I do not have a water fed pole. Second, how would you clean the inside of these window. I would typically use a ladder inside but i’m a little nervous because of the cars on their showroom floor. Should i just pole them? I’m not to good with a pole yet but perhaps this is my time to improve :slight_smile: Lastly, how do you guys charge for dealerships? They want the windows cleaned inside and out for the first cleaning. It has been 6 months to a year since there last cleaning. They have a new manager and it sounds like he will want it done a lot more often than that. I have a count of all the windows that i will add as soon as i get home. Thanks in advance for all the help.

It’s hard to tell how much room there actually is based off the pictures, but there are obviously only a few options. Using a squeegee with the right degree to allow poling is your best bet. Again, no pictures of the interior or ledges, but I’d definitely pole the interior. Nothing an angle adapter w/ 0 degree squeegee can’t handle.

Looks like I will be purchasing an angle adapter with a 0 degree squeegee. Thanks for the input. I have also been on the edge of buying a water fed pole and this just might be the push I needed. Alo the window count is 89 pains and 8 doors. Any advice on pricing for in and out.

You may not need the adapter/squeegee, how deep are the ledges on the interior?

WFP’s are great, but if you’re only dealing with inches between the glass and the slits, WFP’s are bulkier than traditional poling methods.

As for a price, I typically don’t price commercial by pane, I figure out roughly how long it will take me and price accordingly. Commercial is a lot more cut throat, so pricing by pane can really shoot yourself in the foot. Out here, anyways.

The inside ledge is about 6 inches deep. The outside edge is about 1 inch deep. I know that the Water fed pole won’t work between the slits but it would make it a whole lot easier and faster on the rest of the outside glass.

I’d charge around $400 for in/out

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There’s a Nissan dealership I pass that has that same type of metal work. I always wondered if a wfp could do the trick.

Diamondridge, would you say 40% less for outside only for maintenance cleaning? Also does this look like a good job for a water fed pole besides the slits for monthly maintenance cleaning? Or would it be better to mop/squeegee with a pole?

monthly, I might go $240-260. I’d go mop squeegee, really no reason for wfp, from what I can see

Traditional for sure. WFP takes longer in my opinion, especially after setup.

Awesome, thanks for the input. And to be clear the windows pictured are only half of the windows I will be doing. There are 89 windows and 8 doors total. I am turning in a bid soon and want to make sure I don’t underbid myself. Any other advice on price? Thanks.

Are there interior office windows included?

No interior windows

I would use a larger size wagatail (maybe 22") with an angle arm.