First Construction Cleanup job

I am just starting my Window Cleaning business, I have no clients yet. My boss that I work full time for has asked me to give him a quote on his new store opening soon. This is my first job for construction cleanup. There are 28 windows and 1 door. He wants both the outside and inside windows done. So far there just seems to be a lot of little paint splashes, some a little bigger than others(pictured). Of course the cracks, frames and seals are dirty(pictured).
Since he is my boss and wants me to maintain both his stores windows, I was going to give a little discount for this one, he will also give me a good review on yelp. The shopping center is all new and there is a very good chance I can snag all the stores going up, it’s very good exposure.
All of these stores have little paint splashes on them still so I no they don’t have a window cleaner yet.

I live in West Chester PA. What kind of chemicals do I need and what tools should I use?

I was looking to charge $4 a window since it only looks like little paint splashes. I know that’s low but I will get great exposure for the other stores in the shopping center. and It will be great practice for me, and I will be his primary window cleaner.

Thank you in advance

This is the side of the buiding. Im not sure if you can see, but there are paint splashed around the middle area of the windows.

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