First Consulting job

Well, hello there, again…

Glad to be invited to Chris’ great new forum, and I hope to be able to help and be helped!

Have my first Consulting job on Nov 3/07 coming up.

Anyone done this before?

I’m going to be meeting with this gentleman for around 5 hours, and discussing how he can replicate my business model for his market (Montreal).

Suggestions for the meeting, anyone?

I’m preparing a comprehensive resource, of course, of all of my marketing materials and strategies. I’ll also be giving him an inside look at the 8 or 10 things that I’m anxious to start implementing but haven’t just yet…

I had my first and only consulting job about 2 months ago. It wasn’t for a window cleaning company, and it was on the ins and out of direct mail. It went pretty well I charged $125 for an hr. I was pretty nervous, but i got through. They ended up implementing allot of my ideas. I hope to do i again in the near future. As for advice bring materials, dress professionally, and be prepared.

Thx, and congrats.

Good to see you over here Paneless! Been a LONG time! Glad to see things are going good for you!

Yes, It is good to see you here, looking forward to hearing from you some more

I used to deal with consultants all the time in the military until I started to argue with them. Then the commander would not allow me to sit in the meetings. If it was one thing that always ed me off about them was how they all felt they needed to answer every question. If you don’t know the answer just say so. That’s the best advice I can give you from sitting on the other side. I would rahter have heard “I dont know but I will find out for you.” instead of "BULL,BULL****,BULL****"

Thx for the colorful reply.

And hey back to all the friendly’s…

Yeah - I hear what you’re saying about the lying and making stuff up. I think in this case, what I am offering this gentleman is pretty much an inside look at everything I’ve done to build my business as it is today, and every marketing tool / strategy I’ve used along the way, as opposed to a question/answer type scenario.

All the same, I’ll remember to be honest when I don’t actually know the answer.

Thx for the tip. Its a good one.

One thing, don’t tell him too much, remember to leave some room… Or an other way to put it… 'Leave them always wanting more"! LOL

Well, the 5 hour consultation went well.

5 hours, and he bought me lunch. Not too bad. I really enjoyed it, too.

I may invest more time in this ‘help-other-people-transform-their-business’ for money stuff…

I appreciated the suggestions pre-meeting, too, from y’all.

Heres a suggestion to you big-city, successful window cleaners:

Consider offering a one-time-only lunch meeting to small window cleaning professionals who are trying to get their business going. Dont tell them everything, but let them in on some of the secret stuff that you’re doing thats working for your business, and that can help them out.

I’m thinking of doing that around here, and calling it the “$300 lunch”, or something like that, and advertising it discreetly, right on the website, since SOOOO many of my competitors are always wandering around my site, anyway, but, alas, I have already said too much…As far as holding some stuff back with the gentleman who was my first official business consulting client, I really held almost nothing back. I gave him a full-blown look at all the stuff I do that works, why it works, and how he can imitate it all. However, I did make him sign a written document stating that he could only apply these strategies to his own cleaning business (6 hours away), and that he may NEVER redistribute any of the info I shared with anyone for a single penny. I doubt he would, anyway, but its smart to be safe.

With respect to this lunch idea, though, before anyone gets mad about ‘giving away all your secrets’, remember that you probably have MANY secrets to your success. Share a little milk, but don’t give away the the cow, for sure. Of course, if someone offers you a sweet price for your cow, bye bye Bessy.

“if someone offers you a sweet price for your cow, bye bye Bessy.”
[COLOR=Blue]Lol! Too funny…[/COLOR]