First day out looking for commercial jobs question

I went out today after work to try and pick up a few window jobs. I found out that a lot of the business such as banks, clinics and other office type buildings say they use their own cleaning service to do the windows. I could tell just from looking at the windows that they don’t do a very good job if at all. MY question is has anyone ever gotten a job from a business that claims their cleaning service does the windows? If so what kind of sales pitch or how hard was it to do. Thanks.

I would ask what cleaning service and try to contact them. and ask to give them a quote .

The only think is some janitorial companys dont like to pay someone else and if they do its gonna be cheap. At least in my area these companies include the windows in their bid but they dont price them the way we do. They usually just add alittle bit more and include them to the bid, thats why these windows look like crap.